…..It is an Age of Darkness. The Kingdoms of The Duneimen have fallen into war and savagery. The Gelvani have turned upon their once closest allies. Driving them from the lands bordering their woodland realm. The Blood Cursed Barukar have turned to marauding and conquest, seeking to destroy all that is good in this world. The Shadow of Morwyn sweeps across the aetherial realms, forcing The Fey to flee for sanctuary on the mortal world, but the Shadow has followed. Only the Duervar prepare, retaking their ancient strongholds, learning the lost secrets of the Stone Lore. They know the Time of the Titans will be upon us soon. They will awaken when the Star of the Eraston appears. Already their giant broods rise from their elemental chrysalis to spread chaos over the world. It is a time of prophecies fulfilled. Three of the Seven have been revealed: The First was the fall of Rona, beginning the Age of Darkness. The Second was the rising of Vornikar, the Titan of War whose Blood Curse created the Barukar. The Third is the Call of Heroes. The Three Sisters have been born, bearing the Secret of Immortality. Will you answer The Call? Will you be victorious, rise to immortality, and be at the right hand of the gods when the Titans rise? Four more prophecies must be fulfilled before this comes to pass. The finding of The Spear and The Horn, the Forging of the Crown; The Three Wars of Light versus Darkness; The Unknown Prophecy; and finally the Return of the Star of Eraston, when the Titans shall Awaken! Will you be a part of those Prophecies, a hero who will be remembered for eternity, or will you be one of the countless to die and be forgotten in this Age of Darkness?

A Foreword from our own famous sage, Omar the Red.

A Welcome to Players and the Game Master.

A Telling of The Seven Prophecies as recorded by Omar the Red.

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