…..Welcome to a new world, a verdant realm in a sea of darkness, parted by the light of a blazing white sun. The Orb of Sheliak circles the world, creating night and day, dusk and dawn, life and death; sharing the skies with two other celestial bodies: Loran, a jade and silver earthen moon that circles the course of the seas every 30 days; and Woryk, a blood red sphere of chaos, slowly stalking the world from a great distance, striking every eighty years to unleash its disaster. By night the skies are filled with thousands of stars and brilliant constellations. By day a blue shroud seems to veil the heavens. Beneath those azure skies the world is teaming with life. Emerald forests and sapphire seas, oceans of white sands and barren wastelands, all lie amidst ancient peaks of ice and stone. New mountains emerge in violent eruptions and boiling seas. The lands are diverse and extreme, and so are those who have built their civilizations here.
…..An Elder Goddess, known to her children as Naeja, created the world. She put life upon it, but she could not hide her precious gem from another Elder God who sought to dominate her. Elgar, The Elemental God, saw what she had created, and sent his own children to rule it. They were the titans, and they bore giants to raze her world. Naeja called upon her brother, Magmodin, to forge for her a mighty race to smite her bane. And so the Duervar were borne, and they battled long against the giants, and their gods battled the Elder Titans. For a time they came to rule the world, and made it their own, but the Elder Titan Olginthoth destroyed their vast kingdom in an age of ice. At their end, the Duervar fought on, and eventually defeated their ancient enemies, and Elgar was trapped out of the world. It was too late for the Duervan Empire though, and their glory would disappear into the darkness of the past.
…..Naeja brought her world back to life but remembered what horrible things had transpired. She vowed to create more races like the Duervar, who would love the world and protect it. Hence she created the Fey and the Folkin, but they seemed not to care to populate the world in great numbers and were soon quelled by the remnants of the giants that still walked the lands. She came to her first children, the Gods as they are known, and commanded them to each put a part of themselves into a new race that would be created upon the world. So the Gods collaborated, and the Duneimen were borne. They spread throughout the world in great numbers thriving in their passions, and raging in their emotions. They built great civilizations in their own glory, and burned them to the ground in envy of themselves. They loved and destroyed, hated and created. Duneimen, it would seem, would have come to rule the world, but they were not alone.
…..While Naeja filled her world with all the wonders therein, another being sought to corrupt those creations. Its name, if it has such, is unknown, but by some it is called Aibhistear or The Corrupter. It is the essence of all that is vile and wicked in the world, beyond the natural emotions of man or beast. It is a corrupt and ancient evil, perhaps an Elder God as Naeja or perhaps even more ancient. Its only desire is for suffering and destruction. It corrupted many parts of the world, and it also corrupted many of her second children, the Fey. The Shard of Darkness that twisted the soul of Morwyn, the Queen of Air, was a creation of its will. It was the source of the vast destruction that drove the God of the Red Moon to madness. Even the fallen children of Elgar were susceptible. It corrupted many of the ancient titans who still remained and turned them to its own wicked plans. From their vile union the corrupted races were borne, The Ogres and Orcs, who marched upon the fields of men and slew them. They would spread across the world like a plague. As its power grew so too did its influence, and no being, mortal or immortal, was safe from its whispers of deceit.
…..Hence mankind was reaped and its growth was kept in check. But other races would come into being upon the world. The titan Larnax would die, and from his blood a great race of beings known as Bamorians would spring forth from the seas. They mastered the mountains and the oceans, and battled endlessly with the Ogrek, the Ogre-Kings. There also came the Gelvani, a nearly immortal race of beauty, splendor and great magic, descendents of the ancient deities of nature who created the mortal world. They were cast out of their paradise and exiled to mortality. They came to rule the greatest and most ancient of the forests, and though they interact often with the other mortal races, their thoughts are always bent upon returning to that paradise from whence they came.
…..And so, the world would grow for many ages, and war would rage between all of its inhabitants. In time Naeja would come to hate the war that seemed to now rule her people, and she went unto Aminus, the creator of the Elder Gods and sought enlightenment. So it was that two forces to balance the universe were brought forth: Thamor, the bringer of good and honor; and Memnos, the bringer of evil and tyranny. They were not as great as the Elders, but their influence on humanity and all beings of mortal spirit would be incredible. Ages of War and Glory have followed in their wake as the two deities continue their battle for supremacy over one another. And so the world, though not devoid of chaos, was united for a time on either side in these two great causes.
…..Change is constant though, and a prophecy was told, of Dark Tides and the coming of an Age of Darkness. The prophets foresaw a great battle between these two deities, and in the end only the world would suffer defeat. So it was that this prophecy came to light, and each of the gods chose their own herald to lead the mortal followers. A war like none ever seen upon this world unfolded, and in the end Arch-Primus Kalos, Herald of Memnos, was cast into the pits of Infernus; and Elliam Lairdsley, Herald of Thamor, ascended to join his god in Sanctues Divinae.
Mankind was left to gather the dead and suffer the wounds of the land. Their cities were in ruin, the world more dangerous, and their gods distant and less glorious than they had once seemed. So it is, the Age of Darkness is upon us. Welcome to a new world, this world… of Naeja’s.

…..At the end of the Age of Titans, the great glacier called Thothgald covered the world. Then the Orb of Sheliak rose from the East. Its flames cast back the ice and a vast river of blue water pooled into the deep crags of the earth, forming the great ocean called Vas-Morda and splitting the earth into continents of land, separated by vast seas. Mortal creatures came to live within those waters and on the lands, and even in the skies above. The northern reaches of the world are still covered in the remnants of this great glacier, but stretching south from its icy fingers is a great land covered in forests, mountains and deserts. In this part of the world, the Elder Goddess of Nature is called Naeja. Here in is the description of these lands.
…..At the northern edge of the world the great glacier recedes from icy seas and harsh tundra, called the Reach of Olginthoth, forming the borders of Valderheim and Verosia. Valderheim is a small peninsula in the east that extends a few hundred miles south, covered in rolling highlands and tundra. It forms the Sea of Aegis on its western shores, separating those waters from the Eastern Ocean of Vas-Morda. Across the Sea of Aegis are the shores of the Northern Verosia.
…..Verosia is a huge continent covered in massive jagged mountains, ancient worn ranges, great expanses of tundra, numerous fertile valleys, rolling hills and vast plains ready for the farming. Northen Verosia is divided from Southern Verosia by the River Sylvarin. In Northern Verosia dense coniferous and cedar forests border the northern tundra and encircle the mountains. That tundra, where lies the Ogre Kingdoms, is separated from the rest of the continent by an enormous crater known as the Cauldera. The mid and western lands boast forests of deciduous trees so ancient that they reach hundreds of feet into the skies and some are believed to have survived the great ice age. In Southern Verosia the western winds that carry the ocean storms slam against colossal mountains whose range is broad enough to prevent the rains from going beyond. This creates fertile wetlands on the western shores, but beyond those mountains a desert of white sands, known as the Vas-Meknor, shifts beneath the intense heat of Sheliak’s Orb in the dry winds that course it. Fertile lands that border the seas ring this desert in the North, South and East.
…..The great Oceanic Sea, Vas-Morda, extends along Verosia’s western lands. The Serpent Seas border its North Eastern shores and merge with the Sea of Aegis. South of those waters, through a narrow passage known as the Straights of Lohandar, is Vas-Draga, the Dragon Sea. The waters flow through the Southern Straights and into the massive Straights of Ryosha, which lap at the southern shores of Verosia. These Straights were once called the Sea of Hathonae, a goddess of the oceans, up until the Ryoshan Wars when it was learned that there were lands to the south.
…..The Serpent Seas, Vas-Draga, and the Straights of Ryosha all border another continent, which separates them from Vas-Morda in the east, the Eastern Ocean, also called An Abyssal Mor'o'Dheas . These are the ancient Lohar, called Old Camus, which includes the realms of Sora and the Skarrellands. Lohandar, for whom this continent was named, is the Titan of Mountains and Earthquakes, and it is said he sleeps beneath this land. From time to time the earth will tremble when he turns. The Lands of Lojandar jut with jagged mountains and rise and fall with expansive high lands and rolling hills, and some of its most ancient mountains still erupt in fiery explosions of lava. Only its center rift is low and flat, creating very fertile plains. Most of the northern and western lands are covered in old forests, but none as ancient as those on Verosia. The western lands are the High Lands, which extend south to border an area of swampy glades. Just south of those glades and on the very western shores of the continent are the Wastelands of Woryk (pronounced Woe-Rack by the denizens of this land). These wastes of scarlet earth mark the passage of the red moon every eighty years and nothing will grow here. It is said only the most wicked of creatures can live there.
…..South of the Straights of Ryosha, which are speckled with Islands, is another great continent. Those who reside there know it as Shuro-tahn. Its northern land, known as Ryosha, is covered in bamboo forests, tall and spiny mountains, rolling grass lands, vast wet lands where rice and other water based plants will grow, and even a great barren deadland. This desert extends along the southern edge of Ryosha bordering the horrible Path of Wo'ryck, which is ravaged once every 75 years by the mad god. Shuro-tahn is split by these wastelands. On the South Western edge of the continent, beneath the path, is a small area of fertile yet rocky lands with three violent volcanoes and some dense forests. On the South Eastern side of the path is another exotic land. Many great forests and expansive grasslands spread out from a massive mountain range at its center. These mountains are slightly volcanic, but not so much as their western kin. The northern shores of this part of the continent are bordered by the Sea of Storms, which also borders the southern shores of Ryosha. Because the equator of the world runs along the Path of Wo’ryck, the northern and southern parts of the land have a very dry and arid season and a monsoon season, during which time the lands often flood. The very southern edge of the continent borders a glacier, which has somehow retained itself in this warm environment. It pours with massive waterfalls and splits and rumbles often, suggesting that it is succumbing to the heat, but speaks of a time when perhaps the world’s climate was quite different. It is rumored that another great land exists beyond this glacier in the far south. The Ryoshans claim all these lands to the south are overwhelmed with a great force of shadow and evil called the Shaden. They have warred with this ancient enemy for millennia.
…..The World of Naeja is very diverse and beautiful, and there are many other lands and continents within Vas-Morda, that great oceanic sea. The denizens of those lands detailed above know very little of what lies in the world beyond. It is said a great storm encircles these lands, far out to sea, and at least in the West this has been proven to be true. Some sages say the storms are caused by a great fissure in the world beneath the ocean where the fires of Infernus violently boil the sea and generate massive thunderstorms above them. Some say this barrier was created by the gods to prevent mortal beings from finding what wonders lie beyond. Others say these storms are only in the west and that the Eastern Ocean, An Abyssal Mor'o'Dheas , though great in expanse, extends to other lands. Perhaps one day they will know.


…..Many peoples inhabit this part of Naeja’s World, and almost all of them claim sovereignty over some part of it. They have drawn borders, by barriers both natural and ideological. Religion, Politics, Race, and Culture are often the ideals by which these borders are defined. Though they have and will change drastically over the course of time, the world as it is known, is currently divided into 25 Realms:

  • The Bamorian Realms: The Bamorians rule the coastal mountain realms of Kadoria and and Bamoria, as well as the far northern glaciel mountain realm of Ubaragom.
  • The Duervan Realms: The Duervar have seven mountain kingdoms that delve deep beneath the ranges over which they rule. There are also many smaller foothill realms.
  • The Duneimen Realms: There are nine great human realms now existing on the world, and they rule over the vast majority of Verosia. There have been, though, many and various human realms throughout history.
  • The Gelvani Realms: The Gelvani rule over five vast and ancient forests in which their mighty towers are built to coexist with nature.
  • The Valdar Realm: The Valdar rule a land they call Valderheim, a pennisula stretching out from the glacier of Thothgald in the far north east.
  • The Ogre Realms: The Ogres rule many different small kingdoms in the lands called Ogrekar. Most consider them to be one great realm. The Ogre Oni in Shuro-Tahn also have their own realm, called Onira.
  • The Orakar Realms: The Orakar struggle to maintain hold on the three remaining ancient forests in which they hold dominon. The Barukar, a demonic race of the Orakar seek to overtake them as they did Ig-Baruk and Ig-Vatak.

…..These are the greatest realms, but many other small civilizations exist that claim their own independence, such as; Kal-Mikan, city of the Jann; Shar-Issantys, on the northern border of the Gelvani realms; Nordraduum, Fortress of the Ice-Duervar; and Uldrakar, Realm of the Red Orcs.
There have also been other great civilizations of the past that have left their imprints on present day cultures. Kal-Kamora was one of the greatest empires, stretching over the entire south and west of Verosia, and trading with places as far away as Valderheim and Ryosha. The Kingdoms of Old Camus were the ancestors of the Ronans, Skarrells and Sorans. It is also said that a great empire of Lacertu, called Tochira, once ruled Shuro-Tahn, before the Red God went mad and destroyed it eons ago.
…..The world is very old, and more has been lost to history than is now remembered, but time rolls on, wars rage, and with them kingdoms, gods and borders will all fall by the wayside, ushering in the new. So it has been, and so it shall be.


…..There are a great many different races upon this world, and though they each have their own cultures only a few are so great as to mention here. Their civilizations dominate the face of Naeja.
…..There are five races called the Children of Naeja. Her first Children were the divinities who in turn created the mortal races: Duervar, Gelvani, the Fey, Folkin and Duneimen. Naeja, as a gift to these gods, granted their children mortal lives on her world.
…..The Greater Divinity Magmodin created the Duervar. They were the first mortal race of the world and at one time ruled it, their mountain realms and deep earthen passages crisscrossing the world. However, during the Age of Ice, the Duervan Empire collapsed and they have never risen to power again. Duervar are slightly short, very stout and earthy.
…..After the Age of Ice, the Fey came out of the Other Worlds and explored the mortal realms. Though many returned to their magical lands, the gnomes took a liking to this world and stayed. Those clans who stayed became mortal over the millennia. They age and die like the other Children of Naeja, but have the magical nature of all Fey. Though there are many Gnomes in the world they do not gather in great numbers and often live their lives as hermits. They are very small and somewhat like humans in appearance but with exaggerated facial features.
…..Folkin are a very sturdy and cultured race that live in great numbers in small communities. However, they do not seek to expand beyond their lands and only in their youth do they have wanderlust. They are much shorter than humans and even shorter than Duervar, with large feet. They are slim in younger years but become very rotund with age.
…..Duneimen are a very diverse people who live all over the world. They have truly covered the world and constantly seek to expand their reign. However, their ambition has led them into many terrible wars even amongst themselves. Duneimen are very tall and strong with long limbs and narrow features.
…..The Greater Divinity Gelthena created the Gelvani. Though they are a race nearly as old as time itself, they are very new to this world, having been cast out of their paradise of Arvanis thousands of years ago. They reside within the great forests of the world where most of them seek to only master their arts and talents. They are eternal spirits, only able to die by unnatural causes. They appear much like humans, and are also rather diverse; however, they are thin and have very narrow features. Some are taller and some are much shorter, than humans, but all share very beautiful features and tall, tapered ears.
…..The Corruption of Aibhistear has spread across all races. Even the Titans were susceptible. From their corruption five mortal races were born: Ogres and Ogrek, Orcs, Hobgoblins and Goblins.
…..Ogres and Ogrek are the giant children of a corrupted titan named Gulatak. Ogres are dimwitted diminutive giants who, compared to other giants, are useless runts. Despite this they are much larger and stronger than humanoids or any other goblinoid race. Ogrek are the kings of the Ogres. Very few of them are born from the Ogres, but those who are become their rulers. Ogrek are nearly as strong as the Ogres but much more intelligent and are natural sorcerers. The Ogrek, or Ogre Kings, seek to dominate all goblinoids and have used their Ogre brothers to do so. They also seek to defeat all the Children of Naeja and eventually corrupt the entire world. Ogres are great and strong humanoids with dark skin tones of green to brown. They are distinctive for their heavy forehead and brow, as well as their broad set jaw and nose. Ogrek are just as tall, though lankier, with a shorter brow and narrower jaw. Their skin tones are similar but their greatest feature is their crown of ivory horns and wicked eye colors.
…..Orcs are the children of other corrupted ancient Titans. They are a viscous, greedy, and war mongering proliferate race. Their vast numbers make them a terrible menace upon the world. Despite this, they have suffered terribly to the hands of a Troel-Born (half-ogrek) called Sha-Lok. Nearly two thousand years ago this being slew their gods and left them to fall into a miserable existence. However, a curse is spreading like a disease through their bloodlines, transforming them into something greater. Ig-Baruk, have spread their reach over the civilized lands of Naeja, seeking to fulfill a prophecy that would bring them to rule over the world. However, not all Orcs want to be Ig-Baruk and their resistance has slowed this conquest. A war has begun and it may yet spread to every corner of the known realms. Orcs stand toe to toe with humans in height and build, though their features are much more fierce; with broad flat noses, red and yellow eyes, sharp rows of teeth, and a naturally scarred and worty hide.
…..Hobgoblins and Goblins were once a race of barbaric Duinemen who were driven to the brink of extinction by the Ogres. They turned to Aibhistear, who twisted them. They were separated into two races, the Gablein and the Habgoblein. The Habgoblein are everything war-like about the race;, strong, cruel, and powerful. They are very bestial in appearance, with heavy fur, fangs and wicked eyes and claws. The Gablein are everything weak, cowardly and domestic about the race. They are small and almost hairless, with ugly features and sickly skin and eye colors. The Habgoblein enslaved the Gablein and many other races and then turned upon each other. They war with all races and between their own clans. Their goal is simply to wage war. The Gablein seek to serve. It is in their nature to cower and concede to stronger races, and will attack those who appear weaker than them to support themselves. However, if they can be on their own they seek to gather in as great of numbers as possible for their own safety. Both races are terribly evil.
…..There is another race of the world, not a Child of Naeja, nor a Corruption of The Nameless One. Bamorians are the spawn of a fallen Titan named Larnax. This Titan fought Gulatak but was slain and the Bamorians were born from his blood, to become the natural enemies of the Ogres. Bamorians are very tall and strong, with fur covering their entire body, fierce features, and large horns from their head. They are residents of the mountains and sailors of the seas. Their goal is to rule their land and guard it from all outsiders, though some still fight to rid the world of the Ogre Kings.
…..Finally there are the Lacertu , who are the children of an the serpent goddess Silrithia, mother of monsters. The Lacertu mythos says they once ruled the world, but even if that was true, they now only live in small temple compounds that are mostly in ruins throughout the world. There are very few Lacertu compared to other races, but they do have a very rich culture. Lacertu have lizard like features and scaly skin with bristly hair and agile tails. They appear to be related to Kobolds, and share the same deities. The goal of the Lacertu seems to be to simply survive and maintain what is left of their culture. Legend speaks of a time when their goddess will return and lead them to conquering the world. The Lacertu mostly are found in Shuro-Tahn], near the Path of Woryck though others live in Lohar and some are even scattered across Verosia.

Joining the Story

…..The World of Naeja, in the Age of Darkness, is an epic tale, filled with many mysterious, incredible, and heroic characters. If you wish to join this story you must understand that every part of this world is part of this tale, and your part is as important as any other. The choices you make may very well affect the future of this world. If you let an evil wizard escape, he may rise to power and come to be a tyrant ruling over your lands. In slaying a dragon, you may have made a pass more accessible to an army that will one day pass through and defeat your realm’s greatest enemies. All your characters actions have an outcome.
There are two great forces that drive this story, fate and destiny. Everyone has a fate, a path that life is leading them towards, and that fate may or may not change depending on their choices in life. Few have a destiny, and if your character does, then mind you it is an unyielding current in the river of fate, driving your character towards a destination you may or may not want. A destiny is a hard thing to overcome, though it has been done. Whatever your part of this story will be, whatever your character’s fate or destiny, you must be prepared to face the consequences of your choices. That is the responsibility of all of us in this epic tale.
So, now you must decide, will you be the teller of this tale, weaving the events that occur for the players, or shall you face the challenge of playing a character in this story, accepting your fate, and entering this world blindly and foolishly, hoping to find a great destiny?

I will be playing a character…
So, you want to join this story by portraying one of the great characters of this epic tale do you? Excellent! You’ve come to the right man. I can guide you through your first steps in creating your character in this world, from choosing your race, and class to developing your history and determining your destiny. Creating a character is far more than rolling attributes and picking skills. You must stretch your imagination to the limits so that you may breathe life into the persona you are creating. Remember, you will be playing the role of a protagonist in a story that should rival any found in the pages of a book. Inspire yourself and your fellow players by creating a character that has a personality and background that are both detailed and dynamic. Feel free to give your character an accent, quirks, and dark shadows in his or her past. Talk about your character with your Game Master, and ask him or her to be involved in creating part of your character’s background that fits well into the story he or she is planning. While you’re at it leave some unknowns that your GM can use to surprise you with later. This may sound tedious, but it will give you a greater appreciation for your character than a simple sheet of paper with numbers on it. So, now that this has all been said, let’s begin. Turn to Chapter 1, Character Creation.

I will be the Game Master…
What’s that? Ah, I see. You’ve volunteered to take on the daunting task of running a campaign in this world. Well then, you’ll still need to read through the sections on character creation, but you must also delve deeper into the secrets of this world, so you may better understand what your duties entail. Your players are expecting you to weave complex stories which call upon their characters to strive for greatness or die trying. You must entrance them, intrigue them, excite them, and amaze them. To do so, I strongly suggest you become very familiar with the scope of this world and how all the pieces link together. If you understand this you can understand how to create stories that fit into the greater story you are joining. I welcome you my brother in arms, for together we shall wield our imaginations to create a world more real and wonderful than your players can imagine.

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