It is an Age of Darkness, and the World of Naeja is divided into three realms.

Antrasia, a vast and wild continent where millennia ago The Ancients enslaved the world and ruled the realm with their incredible magical powers. But in their avarice and pride they awoke an evil far greater than their own, the forces of Baal'Kargath, and that ancient realm fell into ruin, and all the Ancients with it. Those who remained -the races of duneimen, gelvani, galorians and duervar- who had been their slaves, turned to the goddess Ishtamara and found in her the power defeat that fell foe. They drove the forces of Baal'Kargath back from whence it came, though they could not destroy it entirely. Thereafter they forged their own kingdoms, raised their own legends to divinity, and set in motion their own destiny! Now, though, that ancient foe has risen again. The evil of Baal'Kargath is rising in the depths and sending forth his darkness upon the world.

Verosia, a diverse and sundered continent emerging from an Age of Ice. Long before the Ancients, the Titans and Duervar fought a great war upon this realm. In their moment of defeat the Titans summoned a great glacier, Thothgald, to sunder the Duervan Empire. For thousands of years the glacier lay upon the land. It was in this age that the Ancients enslaved the realms of Antrasia. When the Ice finally receded the world that emerged was much different, wild and savage. The bamorians, vornikar, and ogres were some of the giant kin to survive the Age of Ice. While the duervar hid in the remnants of their mountain stronghold, the folkin settled in the wide open fields and hills of the world. Then came the gelvani, fleeing the wrath of their gods, and they drove the vornikar out of the dark forests, claiming them as their own. The world was dark and wild and in this time and the ways between the mortal and aetherial world were many. The Shadow of Morwyn was sweeping across the faerie realms and many fey Fey fled to the sanctuary of the mortal world, but the Shadow followed. Finally, the duneimen settled in these lands. In time they formed a single great kingdom, but it fell in a sudden and swift end. For many millenia thereafter the men struggled simply to survive. Finally, though, a single kingdom rose to great power: Rona. And so began an Age of Glory. For 1200 years the Kingdom of Rona thrived. But the power that the Ancients had let into the world would be their undoing. The corruption of Baal'Kargath spread across the realms, instigating wars between countries and bloodlines, and setting in motion the events of The Dark Tides Prophecy, which foretold the fall of Rona and the beginning of an Age of Darkness. So it is that the greatest realm of men has fallen and the Kingdoms of The Duneimen have returned to war. It is in this time that the Vornikar, seeking vengeance, brought upon them the blood curse of the Barukar. Possessed by the power of Baal'Kargath, they became massive army bent on the destruction of all that is good in this world. When finally they invaded the Gelvani realms they were defeated. Yet, their war signified the dawning of a new age. The realms of men are divided in distrust and war. The Gelvani have bolstered their borders against foreign threats. The Shadow of Morwyn has escaped the Aetheria and creeps across the land. Only the Duervar prepare, retaking their ancient strongholds, learning the lost secrets of the Stone Lords. They know the Time of the Titans will be upon us soon. That their ancient foe will awaken when the Star of the Eraston appears. Already the giant broods rise from their elemental chrysalis to spread chaos over the world.

Shuro-Tahn, the continent to the South, fare away where the stars change and seas are different shades. This beautiful and exotic realm is… Tenga-Kay, Ryosha,

It is a time of prophecies fulfilled. Three of the Seven have been revealed: The First, The Dark Tides foretold the fall of Rona, beginning the Age of Darkness. The Second was the rising of Vornikar, the Titan of War whose Blood Curse created the Barukar. This is the Time of the Third Prophecy:The Call of Heroes. The Three Sisters have been born, bearing the Secret of Immortality. They promise the secret to those who can pass their tests. Will you answer The Call? Will you be victorious and rise to immortality, to stand at the right hand of the gods when the Titans rise? Or will you fall in darkness or the temptations of corruption? Four more prophecies must be fulfilled before the Rise of the Titans: The finding of The Spear and The Horn, the Forging of the Crown; The Three Wars of Light and Darkness; The Unknown Prophecy; and finally… the The Star of Eraston, whose return shall Awaken the Titans! Will you be a part of these Prophecies, a hero who will be remembered for eternity, or will you be one of the countless to die and be forgotten in this …. Age of Darkness?

The Realm of Verosia

A Foreword from our own famous sage, Omar the Red.

A Welcome to Players and the Game Master.

A Telling of The Seven Prophecies as recorded by Omar the Red.

The Realm of Antrasia



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