Aedstrid Goldenhair

Aedstrid Goldenhair
Power: LG
Alignment: LG
Pantheons: Isenjyr
Titles: The Shield Maiden, Defender of the Home
Portfolio: Beauty, Fertility, Agriculture, Wisdom
Description: :
Appearance: Tall, graceful and beautiful beyond compare. Aedstrid has long flowing golden hair, a buxom bosom that glows with the warmth of the mid-day sun, and eyes as dark and soulful as the soils of the earth. She wears golden chain armor, a cloak made from the fur of a mighty blue bear, and a shield as tall as herself. The shield, whose beams were cut from a tree of Naeja felled by Isen himself, is emblazoned with of a mighty tree growing from the chest of the fallen titan. This symbolizes the birth of the Isenjyr from his remains. Some say there is such a mighty tree where Isen fell.
Personality: Aedstrid Goldenhair is filled with a passion; a passion of hatred for the Nordil, of love for her husband and children, and of protectiveness towards her charge, the Valdar. Of all the gods she is the one who most often acts on behalf of their mortal brethren, though she is always careful never to overstep her bounds. Aedstrid has a fiery temper but an equally heated humor. She is known to flirt shamelessly with gods and mortals alike, and there are even stories of her flirting with giants. It is said, though, that she has never done more than flirt, as she is absolutely devoted to her husband and wouldn’t betray him in that way. Still, her flirtations have often been the cause of Eyvindir’s jealous rages. Almost in contrast to her other personality traits, Aedstrid is also known for her incredible wisdom. She is slow to rage, and always thinks twice before acting. She is foremost in counseling her husband in times of war and has taught each of her children to use their wits before their weapons, though not all have learned the lesson. Aedstrid is a generous goddess, and would give all the Valdar plentiful crops, but unfortunately Hersir and the giant goddess Boda often thwart her in this. Still, her generosity means she is also the goddess most likely to give gifts to the mortal Valdar.
History/Relationships: Aedstrid is wife of Eyvind

Powers: Aedstrid’s shield cannot be broken and will block any attack made against her and any other person behind it, so long as they do not strike out. She can also stand beside any other and defend them nearly as well while they battle, so long as she does not strike out. Though she rarely enters battle directly, when she does she prefers to hurl javelins. If these javelins kill their target and remain driven in when the victim falls, they ill sprout limbs and grow into mighty trees. Aedstrid often walks the mortal world, and when she does she carries a great sack of seeds, dropping them over the farms of those who pay her sufficient homage. These are the Seeds of Prosper and will cause all crops to grow and be plentiful, and can even cause a woman to be fertile if tossed over her between the time of the wedding and the first night as a bride. Finally, Aedstrid can choose to defend any one village’s crops each year from all sorts of disasters.

After life:


Worshipers: (farmers and villagers). Farmers and homemakers most often worship Aedstrid. Young brides to be, who fear they are not fertile, also call her upon. Each Valdar village tries to give a great feast in her honor at spring of each year and following harvest, hoping to gain her favor above all others, since she can only choose one each year to protect from the harsh winter and other disasters. Finally, there are a great many brave women who emulate Aedstrid, taking up shields, spears and javelins to defend their villages when attacked.
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