Power: LG
Alignment: CN
Pantheons: Kamoran Pantheon, The Parthan Order
Titles: The Storm Bringer
Portfolio: Storms and Destruction
Symbol: A black rampant lion with bat like wings and lightning forking out from its tail.
Constellation: none
Description: Akep is the bringer of storms, an embodiment of terrible devestation such as that brought on by massive hurricanes that ravage the south western coasts of Verosia. He rides in on great storm clouds, his wings a torrent of wind, his roars are thunder, and his tail thrash the land with lightning.
Appearance: Akep is a monstrous black lion with huge bat like wings rising from his back. He is always surrounded by a great black thunderhead and his tail thrashes about with lightning.
Personality: Akep is a creature of little intellect and great ferocity, who revels in destruction. He roams the wilds of the ocean, preying upon sea vessels of all sizes, and occasionally comes ashore, devouring whole villages at a time in his torrential storms.
History/Relationships: Akep is the son of Ishobel, the Mother of Monsters, and Queen of the Underworld. He is father of the Manticores, monstrous lions much like himself, but who are mortal. He is also father of the Dragonne, lion like half-dragons.

Powers: Akep hurls lightning form his tail that is greater than can be summoned by any wizard or priest. His winds can blow down great buildings, or whip up waves that can devestate entire villages. His thunderous roar can defen those closes to him.
w/ Mortal Lions: Manticore
w/ Dragons: Dragonne

After life: none

Servitors: none

Worshipers: (mad men) When Akep approaches, sometimes there are those who pray for him to turn away. He never answers these prayers. Those seeking safety, should either hunker down or pray to other gods, such as Torinos. Rarely there are those who actually revere the power of Akep. Though the god has no interest in priests he will answer the prayers of those who are as bent on destruction as he is. He is worshipped by Dragonne and Manticores, and so they may call upon him as needed.
Worshiper's Ability: When called upon to exact destruction, Akep may answer.
1/Round Ability: Shout, as per the spell of the same name.
1/Day Ability: Call Lightning, as per the spell of the same name.

Priests: Akep allows for no priests. He simply never takes the time to answer that many prayers and does not have the intellect to respond to their needs. He is perfectly content with being feared.
Spell Domains: n/a
Favored Weapons: n/a
Cleric Alignments: n/a
Dogma: n/a
Clergy and Temples: n/a


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The Parthan Order
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