Amaryllis Korianthil

Current Quel-Thena of Mirivia; wife of Kethius, formerly of House Shurothel, third Prince of Metanmyr; mother of Elatheryl; sister of Kalthanan.

Appearance: Amaryllis is a young, strikingly beautiful Que-Gelvani woman. Like her mother and sister before her, she possesses the trademark silver hair and emerald eyes of the Korianthil lineage; her skin is starlight-pale and amber in hue. Her courtly attire - elegant dresses and gowns of the rarest fabrics, bedecked with the finest-cut gems - could bankrupt a small Ronan city. Beneath these, however, she also dons a powerful suit of Gelvani-wrought mail. One of her honor guard always hold her ancient, beautiful blade by her side, except when protocol deems it inappropriate.

Personality: Amaryllis appears to be rather cold and conservative, but in truth her court demeanor is a sort of shield used to compensate with the pressures the crown has forced on her at such a young age - she is barely one hundred and thirty-five years old, and thus only a young adult by elven standards. That pressure comes both from her obligations to her people, but even more so from her own expectations for herself.

Amaryllis is particularly driven to bring the various kiths of the Gelvani under her benevolent rule—an end state she believes is directly sanctioned and mandated by Gelthena. She loves her older brother, Kalthanan, but is frustrated by the fact that their methods and plans for their people often bring them at odds with one another.

Amaryllis rarely reveals her true feelings, presenting instead the somber face of a reserved ruler. In her mind, emotions are a luxury for a monarch—one that often cannot be afforded. This has carried over to her personal life; she married Kethius, a prince of Metanmyr, prior to her older sister's death, and as a matter of political maneuvering—to bring their two nations closer to one another. Their young daughter, Elatheryl, is the heir apparent to Mirivia’s throne.

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