Other Names: Sar'Kindalis, Soladin, Inceptus
Power: UD
Alignment: N
Titles: The Creator of All, The Watcher, The Kindler of Stars, The Soul Forge
Domains: Creation
Symbol: The Eye of Aminus
Constellation: The Celestial Gate
Description: The creator of all, Aminus (aa’-min-us) created the Eternal Realms and the Mortal Realm. He is creator of the Elder Gods, who rule over these planes. Through the Celestial Gate he watches over the Mortal Realm and fuels creation.
Appearance: Aminus is not envisioned in any physical form, nor is he worshipped directly.
Personality: Little to nothing is known about Aminus. It isn’t even known if he truly exists as an entity or is simply a formless power. Some of the gods claim to have met him, but they say very.
Powers: As the creator of all, Aminus can create anything and everything and likewise un-create it. He cannot completely destroy anything, though, as all things come from him and oblivion is his bane.
Children: Elgar, Naeja, Loran, Isati, Woryk
Worshipers: Aminus is worshiped by proxy through the deities who preach his existence to Mortals, but he does not require worshipers to maintain his power. Very few worship him directly as he grants no worshiper abilities and answers no prayers.
Priests: There is a very small order of Priests of Aminus, which have had very little success in propagating their religion. They claim all other faiths worship false deities. Their greatest downfall is that Aminus grants them no divine power; hence they have difficulty convincing others of their beliefs. They contest, though, that The Creator of All does not need worshipers, and hence does not grant gifts of power tin exchange for belief. He simply should be worshiped as the penultimate deity, because he is.
Afterlife: Aminus offers no promise or explanation of an after-life.

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