Antrasia is a largely unspoiled continent that lies far to the East of Verosia. Thousands of years ago it was the domain of the Antrasians, an ancient race of powerful beings who conquered and enslaved all that they encountered. It is from this race that the continent gains its name, although few alive today know this. To most, the ancient Antrasians are known only as The Ancients. But a few still remember the threat they once posed.

Geography: Today, Antrasia consists of vast forests, wild jungles, treacherous deserts and broken wastelands. Four major human civilizations thrive on Antrasia. Its western coast is dominated by The Kingdom of Sadoth. To the south, near the equator, lies The Ascendancy of Hamatra. Closer to the eastern shores, in The Shattered Lands, lies Korzyig. And far, far to the northwest, fast The Frozen Wastes, lies The Lupos Empire.

The Elven kingdom of Nordalon lies to the northeast of The Kingdom of Sadoth, surrounded by The Marinwood. Two Dwarven Kingdoms, Thalmus and Moralin, border The Kingdom to the north and southeast, respectively; and Glimdale, home of both Gnomes and Halflings, lies in the foothills of the Thalmus Mountains, near the border of The Marinwood.

Finally, on the northeastern coast of the continent lies Galadoria, homeland of the legendary half-giants known only as the Galadorians.

These nations and kingdoms are separated by vast expanses of savage wilderness and ancient ruins. Most renown among these are The Ruins of Old Adacia and The Ruins of Kaza'Qir, both lying to the east of The Kingdom of Sadoth on either side of The Adacian Sea. These two fallen nations were crushed during The Galadorian Wars and overrun by savage tribes of orcs, goblinoids and fouler beasts. The ancient Dwarven strongholds that once lay in the Pul'Maar mountains, north of Moralin, were similarly overrun. Many an adventurer seeks to earn glory and fame in the ruins of these ancient nations. Few, however, survive to tell the tale.

Common History of Antrasia and Verosia

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