Power: IG
Alignment: LN
Pantheons: Gelvani Gods, The Fey
Titles: The Fey Queen
Portfolio: Love, Fertility, Children, and Agriculture
Symbol: Two trees winding around each other, one in blossom and the other laden with fruit.
Constellation: Aralyn, like many Gelvani gods, has no celestial representation.
Description: Aralyn is the beautiful Gelvani goddess of love and fertility. She is the muse of many artists and musicians and is prayed to by women seeking the heart of the man they love. She is said to gift women a power to charm men and many a man has said he awoke from a dream to find himself married and soon to be a father. Aralyn is also the goddess of children, serving as protector of the helpless and patroness of all gelvani mid-wives. What more, she is the goddess of the flower and the fruit (the staples of gelvani agriculture) and is prayed to by those who maintain the many vinyards and plantations within the forest realms of the Gelvani. She travels behind her sister Reahnyn in the mornings of spring, covering the world with her beautiful flora. Finally, Aralyn is also the mother of the Fey, their father being Orwyn, and is said to be the origin of the incredible beauty that some of them are gifted with. Her three daughters rule over the Fey now, and she herself has never taken a very active role in their realms. Aralyn has shied from the war that ravages the Atheria. Many faeries are associated with particular flowers because of Aralyn's gifts.
Appearance: Aralyn is said by some to be the most beautiful woman to ever exist. If she is succeeded or at least matched by any, it would be Gellawyn, but the two goddesses have very different looks. Aralyn is a whisp of a woman with golden-gossamer skin and elfin features. She has wide emerald eyes and silvery golden hair that rests behind slender ears. Her lips are full and pouty, high cheek bones and a slightly upturned nose. She is as graceful as a butterfly and as delicate as a flower. She appears in various desses and gowns, depending on her mood and purpose. Aralyn rarely appears to her followers in visions, though. She prefers to send her Fey children as messengers. Because of this many Gelvani consider it a blessing to have pixies, sprites and other such faeries living in their trees and gardens.
Personality: Aralyn is a tender soul who believes that love can overcome any obstacle. Aralyn knows the heartache of love, as well, understanding its many variances. She loves all her parents and siblings. She loves her children, even those who have betrayed her. She has also loved and lost many men, and her love for each has been different. Aralyn sees the beauty of each person's soul, and as such takes little account of one's physical appearance. Certainly this can be seen in her love for Orwyn, who usually appears as a squat gnome with hair in odd places and a huge nose.
Gelthena and Loran had three daughters, Sheliak, Reahnyn, and Aralyn. Aralyn is the most beautiful of them all, and she is gifted with control over the natural life cycles of all things that grow. She can bring any plant to flower or fruit, as she needs. Because she loves nature so, the god Orwyn invited her to visit his realm of Adinion, and eventually he made her his Queen. Orwyn and Aralyn love each other dearly and together they had three beautiful daughters. The triplets were named Anwyn, Brynlyn and Morwyn. Orwyn gave each of them as a gift dominion over a part of this beautiful world. Anwyn was made the Queen of the Forests and Fields, Brynlyn was made the Queen of the Lakes and Streams, and Morwyn was made the Queen of the Airy Mountains. Orwyn and Aralyn also parented many other lesser beings, called the Fey. The three Sisters each took mates from among the Fey and from them the many races of the Fey were born. The Fey are an eternal race of faerie folk, and they filled the Other Worlds with their laughter, beauty and magic. In time Morwyn became corrupted by the shadow and betrayed her family. She led a great revolt against her father and to this day that war still rages. Many Fey fled the Atheria to the mortal world. Aralyn retreated back to Arvanis where she resides today.
Aralyn grew lonely, though, and pined for the beauty of the world she had left behind. She began to create that beauty in Arvanis. Loran often watched her, for in her he saw the same beauty he had seen in Gelthena. When King Orwyn was wounded in Adinion, Elghinn came to Aralyn in Arvanis and told her that her love had fallen in battle. He appeared to her as any Fey, and gave her Orwyn’s crown as proof, hence she believed his words. Aralyn despaired terribly and the beauty of her forests began to wither. Loran came to her and comforted her. He told her that she should not despair for she must remember all things living need her. To remind her, he gifted her with a child. Elghinn saw what had been done and went to Gelthena to tell her how Loran had betrayed her love and given Aralyn a child. When Aralyn’s son was born she called him Fey Kalyn and he was given the gifts of Gelthena and Loran twice over. He was as handsome as Aralyn was beautiful. He was wise and thoughtful, creative and kind. He loved music and art and celebrated each day as if it were the first.

Powers: Aralyn's charms are incredibly powerful. No man can turn her away and many women cannot resist a desire to appease her. She was even able to charm the warrior god Kelamin at one time, but Vilrithia resisted her power and struck her down. If Kelamin had not sacrificed part of his power to her, she may have never risen again. Aralyn has the power to instill love in the heart of any mortal and is commonly prayed upon for this blessing. It is said her tears can heal a broken heart and if you hold a single strand of her hair in your palm you can find anyone you love no matter where they are. Aralyn can bring any plant to bloom or bear fruit and likewise can grant fertility to any mortal man or woman. Perhaps her greatest power, though, is the power to suffer the sorrow of a love lost upon anyone who she curses. Those who suffer Aralyn's curse often give up on life, either allowing themselves to waste away in despair or die in a furious bout of anger upon a battle field.
w/Orwyn: The Fey; Anwyn, Morwyn, and Brynlyn
w/Loran: Fey Kalyn

After life: Like all Gelvani gods, Aralyn resides in Arvanis and that is where her Gelvani worshippers will reside when they die or ascend. Her Fey followers reside within either the mortal realm or the realm of Adinion, and like all Fey, they are reincarnated after death.


Worshipers: (The Fey,Gelvani Farmers) Many of the Fey worship Aralyn, as she is their mother goddess. Amongst the Gelvani she is worshiped by farmers, mothers and mid-wives. Gelvani children are young for such a short time compared to the great length of their lives, that they are considered extraordinarily precious and dearly safeguarded. Anyone whose duty it is to care for children often worships Aralyn. Aralyn is also prayed to by lovers, or those who seek love, as her gifts to them are great.
Worshipers: When prayed to Aralyn, may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability: Charm Person

Priests: The priests of Aralyn serve in many capacities of society. They preside over weddings, serve as midwives at births, care for orphanages, oversee schools for children, and serve of administrators of large orchards and vinyards. They also serve in most other domestic aspects of life, blessing homes, judicating family disputes and attending to the families during times of crises. They are a cornerstone of Gelvani society.
Spell Domains: Plant, Protection
Favored Weapons: staff
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN
Dogma: "Love is the most powerful force in the mortal world and Arvanis. It is the strength of a warrior defending his homeland. It is the courage of a mother protecting children. It is the perserverence of the grower who brings his field to produce. It is the indominatable will of a nation to unite against a common threat. Love is the binding force that unites all the Children of Gelthena."
Clergy and Temples:

In the war of Arvanis, Aralyn visited Kelamin who held her son, Fey Kalyn, captive, trying to convince him to release him. Vilrithia was hidden there and took the opportunity to stab Aralyn in the back. Kelamin was so aghast at his mother's actions that he sacrificed a part of his very essence to return Aralyn to life. As a result Kelamin was weakened, and when the other Gelvani Gods came for him he found himself facing Tiercellus on an equal footing. He was defeated and accepted his fate with honor. Later Aralyn learned that Fey Kalyn had been slain by Kelamin, his own son, in battle. Her heart was rent and she has ever since then been extremely emotional, wishing she could sacrifice her existence to save his, but it was too late.
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