A member of the military aristocracy unique to Parthans. The first of the Archons arose as part of the military reforms of Arch-Primus Kalos.

The Parthan Revolution was fought primarily by the veterans of the Legions that had served Rona. Those armies had been led by Ronan nobles, though, and the absence of both commanders and strategic expertise during the revolt against Rona was evident. Kalos thus offered the rank to those Parthans who had received a substantial military education and also possessed the wealth required to support a cohort of warriors. Though Kalos was eventually defeated and slain during the Great War, the rank and station of Archon has endured, if in an altered fashion.

In the modern days, the resources of a Citadel are tightly controlled by the Primus and the Order, and land-owning nobles are no longer looked for to raise and command forces during war. In theory, a Primus grants the rank and title of Archon to the best tacticians and leaders among his warriors. In practice, however, Primi tend to gather around them those they trust and have befriended… and reduce the power of Archons from previous regimes. In modern days, some are granted the rank of Archon even if their commission doesn't deal with the battlefield; such individuals might serve the Primus as ministers, instead, or as overseers of mines, harbors, etc.

Theoretically, any Parthan can become an Archon, as neither the Order nor the Parthan society itself recognizes class divisions among its citizens.

An Archon's command depends on the size of the Citadel he hails from, and the size of the thema he has been appointed to administer. In the Great Citadels, an Archon might command a force of a thousand men or more. Alternately, he may command one or more warships. Archons from smaller Citadels may command smaller themata, with but three hundred men under their command.

Because Archons hold the most power within a Citadel aside from the Primus, they are watched very closely to ensure their ambition doesn't grow too great. Any gathering of three or more Archons outside of a function ordered by the Primus must be declared publicly (and in advance) as a Conclave, and must be attended by the Citadel's Censor. In practice, even friendly visits between two Archons are reported to assuage suspicion.

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