Ardontis Tower

Ardontis Tower is named for Baron Antof Adrontis and is the central fortress of the Border Baronies. Ardontis Tower is considered the greatest fortress. It is called "Old Bones", referring to the giant bones found in the earth around where it was built and worked into its architecture. These appear to be the bones of giants, dragons and even some ancient titan. The fortress is built upon a cliff at the highest point of the Mordrasar and the Titans skull can be seen protruding from the rock face. The overall appearance makes the fortress very daunting, even to the ferocious Barukar.

Baron Antof Ardontis
A tall thin old man with silvery hair. He has three wives and many grandchildren. He was a soldier and one of the last barons to escape. He brought many soldiers with him. He wasn't an Amiral but is a great strategist. He was the first to ally with the King of Moar and came upw ith the idea of the Border Keeps.

Realm: Keir / Moar
Ruler: Baron Walkif Satori
Royal Family: Satori family
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Crest: Ardontis had no family sigil so he adopted one from his three son in-laws. Later he changed it to represent the ruin of Keir. The other Barons follow suit.
Original: Three gold circles in a row, the first is a silve rfish in a net on a blue field, the second is a gold scale holding grain on one side and gold coins on the other, the third is an olive tree, with a oil amophora below it.
New: The three circles are pierced by a soldier's sword. The first is an empty net with a human skeleton in it, the second is a tilted gold scale with grain spill out and no coins, the third is a burning olive tree with a broken amphora below it.
Religions: Ronan Pantheon, Hathone
Races Tolerated: The only race not tolerated within the Baronee are the Parthans, who are blamed for the Barukar making it so far north unabated.
Alignments: LG, NG, CG, LN, TN, LE, NE
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Major Products: Messenger Pigeons

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Population: (? duneimen; ? bamorians; ? folkin; ? duervar; ? half-elves; ? gnomes; ? other)
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Base Value 0 gp; Puchase Limit 0 gp; Spellcasting ?th
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