Before Naeja decided to have the Duneimen created, Aminus created a Mortal Race upon the world. The Arudaione, as they are called, were created by Aminus alone. They have no parents, no children, and were each created to be eternal beings. They were gifted by Aminus penultimate control over the forces of creation, and thus were all natural sorcerers. There were not a great many of them in the world, but they quickly built a great civilization. For thousands of years they dwelt in their city, creating art, knowledge, and magic. Most of this still exists to this day in various forms. Most common spells studied by mages were the creation of the Arudaione.

Despite their power the Arudaine were not the Children of Naeja, and so they had no special place in her heart. She created other races to populate her world; the Fey, The Folkin, and the Duneimen.

In time the Arudaione became so powerful and self-possessed that they believed the world to be theirs absolutely. They enslaved Giants, Duervar, Folkin and Duneimen. When the Gelvani were first cast out of Arvanis most stayed together on an island they had magically protected, but there were some who left to explore and even establish civilzations in lands beyond. The Arudaione eventually came and enslaved thethose who had wandered too far from this island.

The Arudaione became very powerful and began travellling to planes of the Eternal Realms and Elemental Realms. One amongst them became more wicked and self-serving than the others. He was called Zantismal, and he convinced many of the Arudaine that they could control the demons of Infernus. They had already learned to summon and control them individually, but eventually they learned how to open a great portal to those realms and intended to use this to summon so many more.

Eventually this demon army grew out of control for most of the Arudaione. Zantismal, who had become corrupted, convinced the other Arudaine that he could control them all, so long as the other Arudaione willfully transferred the power of the army over to him. He then turned it upon them, destroying almost all of his brethren. Only two survived, Zantismal himself, and the one man of their race who had opposed him all along, Zarthandir.

Zarthandir could not defeat Zantismal alone, but he found a way to close the portal to Infernus permanently. He spent hundreds, if not thousands, of years working on a way to undo the mistakes of his people.

Zarthandir hid amongst the Gelvani, and eventually from his offspring with them a new race was incepted, the Grey-Gelvani. These Gelvani claim to be related to Zarthandir, but seem to have no idea of his true origins.

Zantismal continued to rise in power and over the millenium has come and gone from the scene. He eventually learned of a power to destroy even the gods and began to hunt them, thus he attained the title of "The God Slayer". At one time his goals may have been reasonable, total control of the world, mastery of all magic, or some other such despotic vision. But, since his total corruption by Aibhistear his ultimate goal has become the oblivion of all of creation, to destroy all that Aminus created. He is now the exact oposite of what Aminus had intended the Arudaione to be.

In his most recent efforst, Zantismal succeeded in killing many gods before he was captured and sealed beneath a mountain. Only the trespassing of a god within the perimeter of arcane stones could reawaken him.

No other Arudaione are known to have survived this ancient time. Their civilization was destroyed, many parts taken by the demons left behind, or scavenged by other mortal races.


  • Arudaione (ar'ew'dane): "Ancient People" (celtic origin, aru= ancient, daione=people)
  • It is unclear if all the Arudaione were male or if there were females amongst them. It is possible that, since they were not intended to repoduce, that they were all masculine in nature.
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