Authbrig I

Great King of Old Camus and Rona, from 1120 O.C. to 5 N.C.; the Duchy of Authbrig is named after him.

Authbrig was the bravest knight serving King Sorik, and a Lord amongst the Camusian warrior-nobles. Following his master's death at Ramsor's hands, Authbrig rallied the loyal and rightful forces of the realm to his side and overthrew the usurper.

Authbrig was subsequently proclaimed Great King himself. He saw, however, that the land was divided, and that there could be no peace between those who worshipped Thamor and those who worshipped Kalrik. The realms were ravaged and in ruins, and people set themselves against one another for resources, in order to survive.

At this time, it is said Authbrig received a vision from Thamor, of a realm across the seas that he should lead his people to. Rumors had already abounded amongst the most daring sailors of a fair, far-off land blessed in richness. Authbrig then made one of the greatest decisions of that age. He ordered twenty great vessels built, and when they were completed he began a mass exodus from the lands of Old Camus to this new world.

By the tens of thousands they sailed, on a journey that took years to complete. When Authbrig's followers arrived at their destination, they built for themselves the foundation for what is now the great city of New Camus and the mighty nation of Rona.

Authbrig died of old age, content that he had lived his life as his god had demanded of him, and that his people would finally know prosperity.

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