Midway up the eastern coast, north of Camus, is Autura, a small but bustling port city. It was establishe as a city in 365 N.C., but prior had been a growing port town between Tanninport and the capital.

Realm: Rona
Ruler: Duke
Royal Family: Duchess, Prince, Princess Population: Approximately 80,000 year round, rising to a high of about 105,000 at the height of the Season of Toril (storm season).
Major Products:
Armed Forces: The Auturan Men is the policing force of the city, at 300 strong. They are a subset of the Ronan Army, and can be called by the King when needed in battle. They, however, wear the symbol of Autura, a . About 100 of them are cavalry, and another 60 are archers. The Auturan Men wear Scale Mail and medium wooden shields, and bear long swords and a light mace.
The Duke’s Guard is barracked within the castle, and is assigned the duty of protecting the Duke and his family. There are 80 members of the Duke’s Guard but usually only 40 are kept within the castle, the rest serve as outriders, escorting important valuables and individuals on sea and over land. All members of the Duke’s Guard are armed with long swords and short swords. They wear Splint Mail and display the Duke’s own personal crest,
The Ronan Army is spread throughout the entire Kingdom and a contingent of 500 soldiers is barracked in Autura most of the year. They may serve as a secondary policing force for the city, but are primarily responsible for maintaining peace outside the city walls and to move in large numbers when war is upon them. Soldiers of the Ronan Army wear Scale Mail and Medium shields, and bear Long Swords. About 100 are mounted calvary, and thus carry lances. Another 100 are archers, bearing long bows. Soldiers of the Ronan Army wear the traditional Ronan coat of arms, a Red tabard split by the golden sword of Thamor down the center, flanked on the left by a golden griffon and on the right by a golden dragon.
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