The Bamorians are a pious, clannish race hailing from the northern frontiers of the old Ronan empire. They claim direct descent from the giant lords of long-ago millennia, and their legacy since time immemorial has been one of stalwart enemies to the darkness of the Ogrekar kingdoms. As a people, they are honest to a fault and slow to anger, but when roused to battle they become ferocious fighters.

There is more than one breed of Bamorians - among them are the Kalamor, who defend the mountains, and the Ubradar, who quest to find the resting place their paragon ancestor. It is the Damorel who have earned renown throughout Verosia and Old Camus, though. Their skill as seafarers has taken them from the Serpent Seas to the southern straits of the Vas Draga; their affinity for stone-work and engineering is second only to that of the Duervar in the eyes of other civilized races. Thus has the Damorel breed become almost synonymous to the whole of the Bamorian race in the eyes of ordinary Duneimen.

Physical Description: Damorel Bamorians are a tall, powerfully-built race marked by broad, almost bestial features, horned heads, and fur-covered bodies. Women of their breed tend to be shorter, more slender, and possess smoother fur and decidedly more human features. Both males and females of their race have cloven feet.

Society: As many of the Damorel live abroad, aboard their masterful sailing ships, as they do within their great walled city of Bamoria. They are characterized by their love for the sea and the mountains, and for the skill both have fostered in them over the millennia. Though their appearance would not indicate it, Bamorians prize wisdom above all other virtues. As the females of their race are considered to be the wiser of the two sexes, Damorel families tend to be somewhat matriarchal affairs. Bamorians are also very religious, and their race is ruled as a whole by their priesthood.

Relations: The Damorel are the most far-travelled of the Bamorians, and this has led to positive relations with many of the realms of the Duneimen of Verosia and Old Camus. They respect the works and wisdom of the diminutive Folkin, but are easily irritated by the flighty gnomes. Bamorians shun orks of all stripes, but reserve their hatred for their greatest ancestral foes - the ogres.

Alignment and Religion: Bamorians are driven by their sense of piety. They are stern and unyielding when it comes to their sense of right and wrong. To a Bamorian, one's word is their bond, and that is no light matter. As might be expected, Bamorians consider themselves stalwart defenders against the forces of darkness that plague their world. As a race, they are almost always lawful, with the overwhelming majority of their kind being good or neutral. The Bamorians worship the giant lords known as the Bala, whom they regard as their ancestors, almost exclusively.

Adventurers: The lesser numbers of the Bamorians and their devotion to their people means that they are rare among adventurers. That having been said, their journeys take them throughout Verosia, and many of their kind do end up either settling individually in realms of the Duneimen, or even setting up their own outposts. Inevitably, their interactions and friendships with the smallish races of the south bring them to questing. And of course, any brave and stout hero who seeks a Bamorian's aid against ogres or their minions will find a willing hand!

Male Names:

Female Names:

Ken, I'd like for you to check out page 214 in the Advanced Race Guide. Alternately, you can just look at the same rules here.

At any rate, I thought this ruleset was a pretty handy product for creating a balanced race. The idea is to arrive at an RP (Race Points) close to 10 (plus or minus 1-2) if you want your created race to be equal to the "Core" ones. Of course, it's ultimately up to the GM what he wants in his game.

Note, I am NOT trying to say we need to change the stats of the Bamorians! I'm just looking to illustrate how the process of creating a home-brew race (like the Bamorians) would go using this rule-set.

So, for instance:

Humanoid (0 RP)
Large (7 RP)
Gives you the giant subtype; provides +2 size bonus to Strength and a -2 size penalty to Dexterity. There is also a -1 size penalty to AC and attack rolls, a +1 bonus to combat maneuver checks and to combat maneuver defense, and a -4 size penalty on Stealth checks. Furthermore, you take up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet, and have a reach of 5 feet. Basically the normal size pluses and minuses.
Normal Speed (0 RP)
Standard Ability Score Modifier (0 RP)
Another +2 to Strength (for a total of +4), +2 to Wisdom, and -2 to Charisma.
Standard Language Quality (0 RP)
I should note, though, that all Pathfinder races start with just Common and their racial language. They can only add other languages via a high Intelligence score. But whatever!
Natural Armor (8 RP)
+4 natural armor bonus to Armor Class
Skill Training (1 RP)
Treat two skills as class skills for members of this race. A recommendation… should every Bamorian know how to build a boat? Or how to sail a boat? My suggestion would be Knowledge (Engineering) and Profession (Sailor). The former is due to their stated interests; the latter is the skill that the online PRD references for pretty much any nautical action.
Fast (1 RP)
+10 to base Speed (for a total of 40).
Hatred (1 RP)
Weapon Familiarity (1 RP)
Axes, crossbows, and Bamorian weapons.
Natural Attack (1 RP)
Bamorians receive one natural (primary) gore attack (1d8) with his horns (see Bestiary, pg 302).
Sense of Direction (unlisted in the options; ad hoc cost of 1 RP)
Scent (in absence of keen senses; 4 RP)

Total RP comes to 25, and that's without us having to lower dexterity even more (which would have made their racial aptitude for crossbows… shall we say, interesting?). Going by these rules, the female Bamorians would have a slightly higher RP (26 or 27) because after you factor in the Size modifiers to their ability scores (+2 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, -2 to Dexterity), they need a pure +4 bonus to their Wisdom. Incidentally, Core Races have RPs ranging from 8-11. Paizo would recommend that you treat a group of characters with a race of this caliber as a level higher (while between levels 1-5) for the purposes of creating encounters for this group.

(Meaning, a party that includes a 1st level Bamorian and a 1st level Duneiman should get encounters geared for 2nd level as opposed to 1st level. Nothing major.)

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this format? Data on their culture, history, etc., would be found under the section that covers their realm. Theoretically, a separate companion volume/sourcebook would be dedicated to covering ALL of the stuff that has to do with them.

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