Banned Spells

Banned Spells:
Wish (W9): As a spell this will no longer exist. Instead there will be three spells that will emulate certain functions of the "wish" spell. Here after the only true "wishes" can be granted by supernatural beings with that granted power. The reason is simple. Magic now goes beyond 9th level, and no spell should be able to perform so many variety of functions. That is the purpose of spells.
Limited Wish (W7): For the same reasons Limited Wish will no longer exist but instead a few spells with similar functions will be created.
Frisky Chest (P2): This spell is simply broken and doesn't make sense as a spell. Animate object is far more logical and the proper level.
Reverse Gravity (W ): No spell should have the power to overcome such a significant force of nature as gravity. Fly, Levitate and Telekinesis are all sufficient to perform this. This spell is simply too powerful. Perhaps a True Dwoemer with the same effects would be acceptable.

Teleportation Magic:
Teleport (W5) : Teleportation magic in the World of Naeja doesn't function as it does in other campaign worlds. There is an Astral Barrier, caused by the shifting of the Celestial Spheres. Sometimes teleportation doesn't work at all, while at other times it is very unreliable. Only those who truly understand the movement of the stars know when it is safe to attempt Teleportation magic. On the other hand, a series of portal type spells that pierce the Veil and create passages through the Other Worlds within the ethereal veil have been created. They take greater concentration, time and effort to cast, but are more reliable.

Life Magic:
Raise Dead (P5): This spell is simply too low level. On the World of Naeja it is an 8th level Priest spell, and only available to those who have access to the "Life" domain.
Reincarnate (W6): This spell is a failed attempt at the religious concept of reincarnation. True reincarnation exists in some religions, but it is impossible as a spell. Aside from that Necromancy is the only arcane magic that can return the dead to the living.
Resurrection (P7): On the World of Naeja it is a 9th level Priest spell, and only available to those who have access to the "Life" domain.

Other Modified Spells:
Fly (W3):

Clarified Spells:
TransmuteRock to Mud (W5):
Entropy Shield (P6):

Restricted Spells:

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