Those bloodthirsty warriors of the wilds called Barbarians can be found all over Naeja. From the savage orc clans of the Ogre Kingdoms to the desert nomads of Vas-Meknor, Barbarians are found in almost all primitive societies. However, they can be found in fairly modern societies as well. The Skarrels have access to armor and weapons of steel and have learned much from the Ronans, but barbarians are still very common amongst them. There can be no preconceptions of a society with barbarians, but barbarians themselves have many traits in common. They are masters of their environment, stouthearted warriors, berserking mad men, and either unstoppable heroes or rampaging marauders.
Most commonly barbarians come from the races of the Ogre Kingdoms (Orcs, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Ogrek), from the “less-civilized” human societies (Skarrels, Kamorans, Azura) and from the more shamanistic races (Bamorians and Lacertu).

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