It is said there is magic in the harmony of music and it is true. However, not just anyone can control the forces of the world by humming a few bars. It takes incredible talent and finely honed skill. These are the bards. Almost any race or culture that has music has the potential for bards. However, they are most common in societies that both accept magic and consider music as a cultural priority. While most bards are of the fashion that uses lutes, lyres and flutes with an accompaniment of voice and drums; there are those who use chants, dance or even whistling to focus their powers. Whatever the means to their end, bards in all societies are very charismatic and use their talents to influence their audiences, be they allies or enemies.
Bards are very common amongst both human and gelvani races, and while each culture has a very different take on music, it is integral to almost all of their peoples. Dwarves, gnomes and bamorians do not commonly have bards, but those that do exist in their society are often well appreciated. Dwarves have their Chanters and Drummers; Gnomes and Folk have their Rhyming Riddlers and Whistlers; and Bamorians have their baritone voiced Choirs. Even Lacertu have some Bards, but it is said that if you are not one of them you would never want to hear them sing, or should we say, “screech”.

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