Baron Walkif Satori

The Baron Walkif Satori is a tall, thin, and stoic figure. He appears to be as dark and solid as the Crow's Tower he resides within. His short hair is black with grey on the sides and pinched into a widow's peak above his thin expressive black eyebrows. His normal visage is stern with a piercing gaze. His nose is narrow and long and he allows no facial hair. His right ear was clipped by some strike long ago and so appears slightly deformed. He usually wears a dark coat with a tall collar and dark pants, his white under shirt flowering out from under the cuffs and collar. At his side he wears a black bandoleer with a steel cavalry sword and dagger. His boots are tall and black, which would serve him well if he were forced onto the field quickly.

The Satori were a powerful merchant marine family. Walkif gave up everythingg when he fled the city. He rebuilt with the wealth and business sense that gave his family their prior fortune.

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