The Barukar are a race of orcs who have spread over the world conquering various realms in the name of their lord, Nalghivorn. The Barukar are now a race, but were not always so. The Barukar were once a clan from the realm of Ig-Baruk, where they were driven to near extinction by the duneimen who had moved into their lands. How they became the horid beings they are now was unknown for many hundreds of years, but now the tale has spread and it is known that they were cursed by a witch who poisoned them with the blood of one of their giant-lord forefathers. Their souls were corrupted beyond redemption, becoming fiendish beings. They grew in strength, mind, and body and attained supernatural powers. The Barukar slowly gained power and some became knowledged in the ways of magic. Those first cursed would live unending lives, and bear many children. Their children were even more malevolent, and some believe them to have been born with demonic spirits, but they were not eternal. In time they died out, but the Barukar learned another way to spread their curse. When the Barukar conquer a clan of orcs they force those who surrendered to imbibe the blood of a first-cursed Barukar, and through this ritual they too become cursed. Thus their presence spread quickly, as more and more clans fell before them and were consumed. In time this plague ravaged the world. The Barukar moved into the realms of Verosia and set a foothold in the mountains of Delvaduum. There they battled giants, ogres, duervar and other such peoples for dominion. Some orcs fled but most became Barukar. The Barukar then conquered into the duneimen kingdom of Keir, whose closest allies were at war with each other. The realm fell quickly, with neither Moar nor Parthus sending them aid. All of this was done at the will of a handful of the first-cursed who ruled as demi-gods. Their one god, Nalghivorn, was almost a myth, for he was in truth the ancient fallen titan Vornikar, who had been imprissoned by the Duervan and Gelvani gods. The Barukar were driven towards the goal of freeing Vornikar's soul and reincarnating him as the prophesized Nalghivorn. If not for the combined strength of the Gelvani and the Knights of Thamor, the Barukar would have succeeded. Vornikar's soul was freed from its eternal prison, but as he took form upon the Mortal world, an unexpected alliance was formed to face him. The gelvani god Tiercellis and the god Gamorgh, bitter enemies, joined their strength to defeat the arising titan.


Barukar believe that Vornikar, the ancient Titan of War, freed himself from the dominion of his creator, Elgar, and created the Vorkar to take dominion of the world. Then came the Children of Naeja, the Gelvani and Duervar, who drove them from their realms. To battle these races and their Gods, Vornikar created the Orc-Lords. At first the Orc-Lords served Vornikar, but in then cowardice overcame them and they betrayed him, fleeing from the battle and abandoning their homeland. Many Vorkar remained behind to fight with their creator but he was eventually defeated. Knowing his physical form would rise again, the vile Duervan Gods captured Vornikar's soul and bound it in the eternal realm of Maalvorzuth. They did not know, though, that their actions would only make Vornikar greater in power. Some of the Vorkar who had survived the battle but not fled with the Orc-Lords had stayed true to Vornikar, worshipping him in hidden sanctuaries far from the eyes of all gods and mortals. Vornikar spoke through his prophets and they foretold a time when he would rise again. Thus they called him Nalghivorn, Vornikar Reborn. His spirit grew in strength while he waited and his hatred of all the races of the mortal realms grew. It was foreseen that the Orc-Lords would be destroyed by their own cowardice and betrayal, and so it was until only one remained, Gamorgh. Then the prophecy came to pass, the power of Maalvorzuth was imbued into the blood of the Ig-Baruk clan and from them arose the Barukar, who were greater in power than all other Vorkar. The Barukar gathered the remains of the fallen Orc-Lords and built a vast army, converting other Vorkar through the power of blood. The Barukar numbers swelled and spread over the world like a great fire that consumes all, burning away the old forest, making the earth fertile, and giving way for new life. The Barukar conquered realms of men, elves and dwarves until the time came for the prophecy to be fulfilled. The great priests of the faith lead the Barukar to the place where Vornikar had fallen, and there they invoked a great ritual that freed his spirit. Nalghivorn arose from the fires of Maalvorzuuth, but Gamorgh still remained and allied himself with the Gelvani usurpers. Together Gamorgh and the Gelvani gods assailed Nalghivorn before he could gain his full strength. His physical form was once again thrown down, but his spirit remained free. Though the battle was lost the war wages on. The Barukar now know the full power of their great lord and have become a mighty force. Those Vorkar who once doubted now saw the truth and came willfully to the blood, accepting the power of Vornikar and becoming one with the Barukar. Still there are those cowards who flee his might. The Priests have formed a powerful order and dictate the commands of Nalghivorn to all who follow him. Their kings are chosen by the will of the priests, and all pay homage to the might of this religious order. Nalghivorn has set his decree upon the world. All mortal races must die and burn away, becoming naught but ash in the wind. Then the mighty Barukar will assume dominion over the world and Nalghivorn over them all.

By these beliefs the Barukar have formed a mighty religious order. Zealotry is common amongst them. Their Clerics command a mighty and highly structured religious order. Their Prophets speak in direct connection with Nalghivorn and advise the church. The King and his generals serve the church directly. There are religious orders of holy-knights, paladins and cavaliers, who lead the armies into battle. Their inquisitors seek out cowardice and doubt, snuffing out any signs of weakness in the faith. Even those who would seem faithless to others, rogues and wizards, have their prayers and supplications. The religion pervades all aspects of their society, making them a mighty and terrible force to be reckoned with.

There after the Barukar armies were scattered. Still, though, they hold dominion in the Baraduum mountains (once Delvaduum) and in the enslaved kingdom of Keir.

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