The Barukar Call

May the crimson flame of battle burn in your veins night and day Blood Brother,

….. You have accepted the blood of your ancestors and joined us here in the world that once belonged to us, the World of Naeja, but you’ve come to us during troubled times. What shame has been put upon our peoples for we have lost the glory of the past. Oh, how mighty the Orcs once were, but ah how great we will be again, for all things come full circle in time! The kingdoms of the duneimen are falling, the duervar of Tharaduum hide behind their gates, and the ancient forests of our people are soon to be retaken from the vile Gelvani. Even the Bamorians will not help the Children of Naeja, staying far out at sea. The lands are returning to their natural order, the roads of men crumble beneath our iron-shod boots. Even the Ogre-Kings are cowering beyond their well-barred borders. Beasts both monstrous and malevolent stalk the night, unchecked by the fierce lights of the now fallen knights. This world was once ruled by gelvani sorcerers, genocidal kings, and the blighting swords of murderous knights who sought to rid the world of our kith and kind. Or so, that is how it is recalled. History is written by men, who seek to write us out of their memories, to call us monsters who only lived in the faerie-tales they tell their children. However, no man can change that which we know. For our history is in our blood. As you have no doubt seen, the memories of our fore-fathers are etched in our souls, relived in our minds as the blood-frenzy overtakes us. We remember the wars the came before, the dark days, and we have been preparing return foretold. This I know. The glory that men and gelvani cling to as hope was merely an illusion. It was the greatest lie ever, and that was all it ever was. For their time of dominion is over, and our time is come. They know it, and you can see it in their eyes, it haunts their hopes and dreams. One day their will shall be crushed, they will cower before our scourges and bow before our thrones. We will regain all which was lost, and perhaps you will be there to see it. Perhaps.
….. But now, let me explain what you have seen when the blood overcame you. For you must understand our full history to understand where our future liese. Where do I begin? Ah, yes, I shall have to being as most good stories being, with a war. Let me tell you of Vornikar and the coming of the elves.
….. This world is very ancient, and there have been many realms, kingdoms and empires. None, however, in all the ages of the world, was as great as the Kingdom of Ig-Voarnak. Its borders once stretched from the dark-green sea to the Lojaroth Mountains, en-moated by the azure-rivers and guarded by tens of thousands of orcs. It had, in its greatness dominion over all lesser peoples of the world. The great-kings of that age received tributes from the various duneimen tribes, traversed the sea with massive oared vessels, were served by a host of powerful shamans, built a massive army of dedicated warriors, and made slaves of ogres, goblins, trolls, duervar, and duneimen. It was the greatest kingdom to ever exist. It ruled by the sword, waging numerous great and violent wars against its enemies, and thus incurring the wrath of those came to fear and hate them. Ig-Voarnak rose easily to power and its swords were often the first to bare blood. Eventually few were its enemies, and fewer were their number and so they grew in arrogance and believed their kingdom could never fall. But like so many duervar have learned, the more fatal the fall is the higher you climb. Ig-Voarnak had climbed to the peak of glory and its fall was devestating. But I speak of this mighty kingdom as if it were long past, and that is not true. Vornakar, the Lord of War whose blood runs through your veins, only sleeps, awaiting the return of Spear of Eraston. When once again it streaks across the night, so shall end the searing light and he shall rise again. And so we shall regain glory, and the Children of Naeja will have nothing left to hope for, in this our Age of Darkness.

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