There are many monstrous beasts that roam the wilds of this world. Some may be familiar to you, through legend or myth, others may be more vivid in your mind, having perhaps hounded you in your own lands. Still, there are those, that you may yet not have heard of. Herein this beastial tome, you will find as detailed an encyclopedia of such creatures as any there may exist.

Those creatures, be they monstrous or mystical, created by the unnatural meddlings of wizards.

  • Arachgnoblin, A horrible Hobgoblin and Giant Spider abomination, the Arachgnoblin was created through meddlings of the nefarious Ilvanvolf, who convinced Hobgoblin warriors they would gain great power in exchange for the monstrous transformation. Some were female and laid a nest of eggs from which this brood was born. These creatures appear as spiders, but where the head should jut from the thorax, instead a tall body rises, covered in black hairs until it forms the torso, limbs and head of a Hobgoblin. Their individual facial features vary, but all are a strange amalgam of spider and hobgolin, some having mandibles, and some having mouths. Some having eight eyes and some only two, and some having ears, while others have a smooth black skull cap.
  • Ashen Steed, Another creation of Ilvanvolf, these horses are were created when the evil wizard captured a Unicorn and gave it over to a Nightmare. The offspring would likely have died had it not been for the wizards meddlings, which included a form of the spell Specrtal Steed. The resultant creature is an ash-grey horse with purple eyes, and whisping smoke rolling from its mane, tail and hooves. The horse can bound over long distances, and ride over mists and fogs. It can become partially ethereal and so too bring its rider with it, allowing it to pass through dangerous lands free of most harm. When they bread with normal horses, their offspring are also Ashen Steeds.
  • Basilisk, these terrible mutations of mighty serpents are born from a serpent egg hatched from a cockerel, with the meddlings of wizardry. They have serpent like bodies but have multiple legs that are, though scaly, shaped like a chicken's legs. Their head is that of a bald chicken, save a crown-like crest. It is said their bite can turn a man to stone, and they leave a trail of poison behind them.
  • Cockatrice, this beast is created much like the Basilisk, but is instead a cockerel egg incubated by a serpent. It has the feathered body of a cockerel with the long serpentine tail, the legs of a chicken, a serpentine neck, and the head of a chicken. Its eyes are sanguineous, and its tongue is forked. The creature can turn people to stone with a direct stare at its eyes. It is afraid of weasels, probably from its serpent nature, and is said to be killed if it hears a rooster call.
  • Gwyvron, A terrible abberation born of a griffon's egg hatched by a wyvern with the meddlings of wizardy. These beasts, like a griffon, have the body of a lion, and the head of an eagle; but, they have the wings and poisonous stinging tail of a Wyvern. What more, their sanguinous eyes mesmerize those whose gaze they catch, which they use to paralyze their foes long enough to deliver a deadly stroke with their tail.

There are many natural animals of the world, most of which you know. However, there are some that are so rare that you may never have heard of them.

These are the children of Liara, goddess of avians:

  • Martlet These tiny legless birds have simply tufts of feather where others have legs. They never land, and so supposedly never rest. Though larger than a hummingbird, they can hover like one. They also speak, though their voice is so soft it must speak into ones ear to be heard. Martlets, it is said, have often led lost wanderers out of dire circumstances. It is for this reason they are the hated by the Will-o-wisps.
  • Moarvik Horse Breeds The people of Moar breed some of the greatest horses in the realms. They have various breeds.
  • Roc These mighty birds of prey are almost as big as many legendary dragons, perhaps bigger. Most aren't of keen intelligence, but they may be trained for flight. Roc's are most often brown or grey, though a few rare white Roc's have been heard of. Legend tells of a golden crowned white roc that was of brilliant intelligence and the mount of a noble paladin.
  • Sheleilin These beautiful kites are found in the ancient forest realms of Gelvanmyr. From above their feathers are a rich green, and beneath they are sky blue. Their eyes are black and their tails are two long white feathers. Nearly telve feet in length and thrice that in wingspan they are able to lift a single rider aloft with ease, and so the Gelvani have come to master these animals and use them for scouting and traveling great distances. They scare easily, though, and are of simple intellect.
  • Turul, This legendary bird is right out of Moarik Mythology. It is claimed that the beast sits upon the top boughs of the Tree of Life and laid the sun and the moons in the skies. Torik was said to have dominated the bird to gain dominion over the skies. These birds of the same name are believed to be its descendants and are occassionally found in the highest peaks of the mountains bordering the lands of Moar. They appear as great black falcons with golden feathers upon their chests and wingtips; and with a neck as long as buzzards, and the greatest of them having a wingspan nearing fifteen feet. Their talons are so agile that they are said to snatch the lance or sword right out of a knight's hand. Their eggs are said to be made of gold, and occassionally one is laid that is solid gold. They defend their eggs with incredible zeal. Their greatest power is the dominion of weather. The greatest of them are said to bring up a great storm and summon lightning when threatened.

These are the children of Ilnysh, god of the hunt:

These are the children of Brynlyn, goddess of lakes and streams:

The amalgmation of two or more natural beasts, created by divine influence. These creatures defy the expectations of the natural order. Some may simply be normal animals with an abnormal variation, such as wings. Others may have bodies of men but the features of wild beasts.

  • Griffon, a beautiful beast with the body of a lion, and the head, wings and talons of an eagle. There are two variations on the Griffon; the Alce, which has no wings, and the Opinicus, which has no talons, only lion's paws.
  • Enfyeld, a nearly mythical beast, having the head of a fox, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf, and forelegs like an eagle's talons. It is found in skarrell legends, and said to swim great lengths. It is believed to be a creature in service of the Fey.
  • Fyrech, men cursed with the upper half of a man over the body of a horse.
  • Hippogriff, a hose with the head and wings of an eagle.
  • Lamassu, 0ut of the deserts of Vas-Meknor the stories of these creatures come. The Lamassu is said to have the body of bull, the wings of a falcon and the head of a man. It has a mane-like head of hair that they often braid, and they adorn their legs and tails with gaudy jewelry. The especially prefer magical jewelry. Lamassu were once worshipped as gods, but in truth they were created by a powerful Djinn to protect a mighty kingdom that once existed on the edge of the deserts, long before the coming of man. When this kingdom fell the Lamassu fled into the deserts and mountains and remain hidden their awaiting the day they are needed once again.
  • Manticore, A terrible beast with the body of a lion, a man like face with menacing teeth and cat-like eyes surrounded by a black mane, draconic wings, and a long tail covered in needle-like barbs.
  • Minotaur, the children of the volcanic Titan Lord Talrok, they have bodies of men covered in thick fur, but are more like a bull than a man, with cloven hooves, long tails, bull-like heads, and huge horns. Some believe them to be related to Bamorians, but only so in that Talrok was distantly related to Larnax.
  • Owlbear, a bear-like creature with feathers and a head like an owl.
  • Sphinx, a lion with a man-like face, and often having wings.
  • Seagriff, a mysterious beast occassionally used in heraldry, it has the body of a sea-lion with the head, wings and talons of an eagle. Its talons act as fore-claws, much like those of a griffon.
  • Trimera, a legendary beast said to have the body of a lion with draconic wings, a serpentine tail, cloven hooves on its hind legs, and three heads, those of a goat, a lion and a dragon. This beast is often simply called a Chimera.

The power of Aibhistear is great, and its corruptive force changes those who serve it. When a whole colony of one creature gives over to this corruption they may begin a new, horribly altered, race.

  • Fell Giants, who were once Great Men.
  • Goblins and Hobgoblins, who were once Duneimen.
  • Ogres and Ogrekar, who are the children of a corrupt Titan.
  • Orcs, who are the children of a corrupt Titan and his corrupted Giant Lord children.
  • Sithean Hounds, who are Wolf-hounds turned to corruption by the Thralls of Aibhistear.
  • Tikbalang, this corrupted fey creature appears as a spindly man with thin fur and an animalistic head. It has a mane of spines and can both fly and turn invisible. Its greatest trick of glamour is to redirect travelers to constantly return them to the same place, and there it waits till nightfall to attack.

The children of the Titans, these man-like mortal beings often stand over ten feet tall, or as many as forty feet tall. Most Giants despise the Children of Naeja and seek to destroy their world. Some of these are called Giant-Kin, because they aren't as tall as the others.

Sirithreian Broods
What horrorific beasts have been born of her brood, who is Sirithreia, the Serpent Goddess, daughter of Ishobel. Deep beneath the earth she rested whilst she birthed the paragons of these great monsters. Her brood was many, her eggs spread wide across the world, and from her were born all things serpentine, be they lizard, snake, or even dragon.

A terrible secret was discovered by Horaptuh, that is the necroptic forces of the netherworld. He learned the secret of immortality in defiance of Hedeara, but it was more horrific than he could have conceived. Still the power to animate the dead, and even keep the soul trapped within the lifeless mortal form, has been desired by many. So much so, that Horpatuh was betrayed by his own son an pupil, Talorn, who killed him and took domain over the power. He has share the secret with those who will serve him, and he holds the key to the gates of the Netherworld, being the conduit for its power into the Mortal World. Thus are created the Undead:
The Reanimated: Those undead who are simply mindless cadavars infused with netherworld energy to control them.

The Soul Bound: Those undead who have their souls bound to a physical form, either by their own will or against it, but not due to the direct will of a god.

  • Barrow Hound This wretched beasts are the spirits of hunting and war hounds bound to the grave of their earthly master. Sometimes they serve other Soul Bound or Accursed (such as Dread Warriors and Vampires).
  • Lich
  • Mume
  • Vampire

The Accursed: Those undead who are the result of a curse afflicted upon them by a god.

The Restless Spirits: Those undead who have no phyiscal form but are lifeless spirits returned from beyond the grave to wander the mortal world without true form.

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