Bottle Of Maja Ra Dim

The Bottle of Maja'Ra'Dim
Maja'Ra'Dim was once a mighty Shar of Mikania and a powerful magician. His greatest power was attained by forcing the Genies to his will. To do so he crafted a tall bottle of purple and red glass worked with gold, silver and electrum, and adorned with hundreds of tiny gems. The bottle was capped with the Eye of Kopah, a brilliant red ruby two inches in diameter. When a Genies name is known it can be forced to enter the bottle and forced to serve whoever holds the bottle. The bearer need not release the Genie to command its powers, simply give it a command to use one of its powers and the Genie has no choice but to obey.

In game mechanics this powerful artifact will trap any Genie unless it makes a Wil Save DC 32. If it fails it becomes smoke and is drawn into the bottle where it enters into an inescapable demi-plane. It appears to be a tiny person trapped in the bottle and can see through the red and purple glass beyond. The Genie is provided a table of gourmet foods, bottles of everful wine and water, and enough air to breathe. To keep the Genie prisoner, though, the captor must cap the bottle within one round. Otherwise the Genie can escape. Once the Genie is inside the Bearer can command it to use any of its spell-like abilities or cast any spell it can cast. The Genie may resist the command, but must make a Wil Save DC 32 each time. Failing the save means the Genie has no choice but to obey. Succeeding means the Genie doesn’t have to follow the command, but also loses one point of Wisdom (temporary, as long as the Genie is in the Bottle). In this way the Genie will eventually break down and be forced to do as it is commanded. Once a month the Genie may make an attempt to escape the bottle. Doing so requires another Wil Save DC 32.

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