Bow Of The Seven Moons

Bow of Seven Moons

Crafted from the brilliant green wood of a tree grown in the silvery soil of the Moon of Loran, this bow was given by the Lord of Time as a gift to the Gelvani archer, Ellenan Valaqeth. The hero needed the bow to hunt the Black Stag of Villrithia, which had devoured the soul of his true love, Alorana Myrrel, while she slept. She could not awake from the slumber and would die by the next dawn if he did not kill the deer and cut out its heart.
The Bow has seven extraordinary powers that it grants whoever bears it:
1) Moon Sight: Low light vision (doubled range for those who have it already)
2) Waxing and Waning Power: This Mighty Bow's magical power waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon. When the moon is not in the sky the bow has a +1 enhancement bonus. However, when the moon rises, depending on its phase, the power of the bow changes.
-1 Lunar Eclipse
+0 New Moon
+2 Quarter Waxing/Waning
+3 Half Waxing/Waning
+4 3/4 Waxing/Waning
+5 Full Moon
+6 Solar Eclipse
3) Silver Arrows: The bow creates its own arrows out of silvery moon light. If left out in the moon light for at least six arms it will become charged (during this time none of its powers can be used). It can create 36 magical arrows +3 and they are treated as blessed silver weapons. The arrows vanish within one round of leaving the bow.
4) True Shot: 1/passing (passing of Loran through the sky).
5) Moon Walk: The character may enter a place on the ground where a moon beam falls and will himself to another such spot within a mile. There is no limit to the number of times he may do this. He only need to know where he wants to go and he will be transported to the moon beam nearest that location. The bearer can take with him 1 person for every 5 feet in diameter of the initial moon beam (maximum of 6 others, 30’). By doing so, though, he risks the others being separated if the moon beam they arrive at isn’t big enough. He will be placed into the nearest moon beam that is at least 5 feet in diameter and if it isn't big enough for others they will be sent to the next closest moon beams that can accommodate them. So, 3 people enter a 15 foot diameter moon beam, and when they arrive the bearer is in a 5 foot wide moon beam, and the other two find themselves a distance away, each in their own 5 foot wide moon beams. Travel time is one round. To activate this power, the bearer steps into a moon beam and then shoots an arrow at the moon. It streaks down where the person or persons will land. The bearer may also choose to land on the moon of Loran itself, though the bearer may never think of that.
6) Moon Beam: 3/day as the spell
7) Still the Night: The greatest power of the bow is to slow the passage of time for one passing of the moon. Everyone and everything goes on at the normal pace, but the stars, moons, sun and all other celestial bodies simply slow their progression. This doesn't affect the calendar as all of nature is tied to the movement of these celestial bodies, but it does make time seem to be passing slower to everyone paying attention. The durations of all spells and spell like effects are extended during this time (x7). Instantaneous spells still occur instantaneously (a wall of fire lasts seven times as long, but a fireball spell explodes instantly). When this is done time passes at 1/7th the duration, hence one passing can take up to seven times longer, but the bearer may end the effect at any time. The bow can only do this seven times, ever, no matter how short the user chooses to make the duration. By using this power Ellenan was able to find the and kill the deer and save his beloved before dawn. Thus the bow has 6 uses of this power remaining.

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