The Ronan Calendar:
There are 30 days in a month, and each month is broken into 3 ten-day cycles called "Turns".
Each day of the Turn is named
Day Abrv. Short Name Tradition
Gods' Day GD Goday The day when the people honor the gods, first day of the turn.
King's Day KD Kingday The day when the people honor the King, royal taxes paid
Lord's Day LD Lorday The day when the people honor local lords, local taxes paid
Prayers Day PD Prayday The day when the people set aside large amounts of time for prayer and supplication
Magus Day MD Magday The day when the people honor the Wizards
Feast Day FD Feastday The day when the people hold feasts in their homes for family and friends
Naeja's Day ND Naeday Traditionally a day of harvest or planting. The day when celebrations of nature occur.
Dagorath's Day DD Dagday Legend has it was named for a famous wizard, but not much else is known about him.
Festival Day FD Festday The day when festivals are traditionally held, if a festival is being planned
Rainday RD Rinday The day the church calls upon the gods to bring rain. It doesn't always rain on this day, but it does seem to happen more often than not.

There are six seasons: In most of the realms the seasons proceed as indicated below

Rhein Cool to warm, rainy to sunny, flowers and plants bloom and then cast off their petals, prime time to plant, warming as the season proceeds
Shelin Warm to humid, mostly sunny, trees and crops becoming verdant, growing hot as the season proceeds
Zorin Hot and dry, almost always sunny, trees and crops often wilt in areas of extreme heat, can cause drought
Torin Windy and stormy, quick and sudden rain storms, major storms rolling in from the SE, can cause floods and occasionally devastating storms, trees begin to turn
Morin Blustery and cool, cool winds from the north east, leaves turning vibrant earthtones and eventually falling, prime time to harvest, growing colder as the season proceeds
Cold to freezing, freezing rain to snow and ice, plants and animals hibernate, food becomes sparse, some animals take on white and blue tones, sometimes serious blizzards, hail or freezing rain, especially up north

Festival Date Common Name Celestial Event Earth Equivalents
Shoonreyel 1st Reahnyn's Day New Year, First Day of Rhein (Spring), First Bloom Imbolc
Alban'Rhein Selushoon 15th Spring Equinox, when the night and day return to balance, Second Bloom Eostre
Shaedeshoon 1st Sheliak's Day First Day of Shelin (Summer), Last Bloom Beltane
Flynnshoon 1st
Kaelshoon 1st First Day of Late Summer (Zorin)
Kaelshoon 15th Zorin's Ascent Summer Solstice, the day with the longest period of daylight and the shortest night of the year Midsummer/Litha
Ishshoon 1st
Maelshoon 1st Storm Fall First Day of Torin (Storm Season), First Harvest Lammas/Lughnasadh
Maershoon 1st
Istashoon 1st
Morashoon 1st First Day of Autumn (Morin), Second Harvest Mabon
Alban'Morin Morashoon 15th Alban'Morin Autumnal Equinox, Second Harvest Samhain
Olginshoon 1st Koril's Night First Day of Korin (Winter)
Kobershoon 15th Winter Solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year Midwinter/Yule

Earth Comparisons: Based on the the Temperate Zone of the Northern Hemisphere
Rhein: Spring (March & April)
Shelin: Late Spring/Early Summer (May & June)
Zorin: Mid-Summer (July & August)
Torin: Late Summer- The Stormy Seasons (September & October)
Morin: Fall (November & December)
Korin: Winter (January & February)

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