In the land of Old Camus, a few wealthy ganniard merchant families had established some significant ports across the Southern Straights. Following the troubles in Rona, not agreeing with the Gand nobility in siding with Parthus, and fearing retribution from the land that would one day be Sora, the wealthy land barons united their strength and formed a single kingdom. Because they had bought the land from the throne, they were able to declare indpendence without opposition from the Monarchy. There were, though, many Ganniard noble-merchant houses that were highly offended more than one sea battle was fought over the secession. In the end, they won their freedom, and the Casil's were named the ruling heirs. Hence their name has been attributed to this burgeoning kingdom.

Continent: Old Camus
Capital: Portaveria
Ruler: King ??? Casil
Religion: The Ronan Church
Major: Duneimen-Verosians (Ganniars, Soran)
Median: Duneimen-Verosians (Moarik, Ronan), Folkin
Minor: Bamorians (Damorel), Duervar (Bormdravar, Duumdravar)
Major Cities: Costa'Brada
Minor Cities: Gillderria, Porta'Vallero, Rico'vallero, Sera'fina
Trade: Trade, Fish
Primary: Horses, Food Items (fish)
Allies: Moar, Rona, Sora, Kal-Mikan, Kamora
Neutrals: Gand, The Skarrellands
Enemies: Parthus
Aristocratic Titles:



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