Celestial Gate

The Celestial Gate is also called the Eye of Aminus or the Eternal Gate. The Celestial Gate is a great spiraling mass of stars radiating a brilliant amethyst light and marking the northern most point in the sky. All other constellations radiate out from it in concentric rings.

It is called the Celestial Gate because of its position in the stars, and because once every 3600 years the Star of Eraston appears to emerge from it.

It is called the Eternal Gate because it is the only straight connection between the Mortal Realm and the Eternal Realms. Any other movement between the two requires passing through the Veil. Some religions say that when a mortal dies his soul must pass through the Eternal Gate on its way to the Eternal Realms or be lost in the Veil.

It is called the Eye of Aminus because it is believed that through this gate the creator watches all of the Mortal Realm.

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