Celothene Que Valan

Celothene Que’Valan
(Council of the “High Blood”; referring to the gods of the gelvani)
Religious leaders of Mirivia
Council meets in Shey-Tishan at the temple of Gelthena

Que’Valan Religious Leader
Gelthena Selyriel El'Myrylyn (f/16th lvl cleric/ Que-Gelvani/ Shey-Tishan)
Loran Korenthien Tel’nalien (m/15th lvl cleric/ Grey-Gelvani/ Shey-Tishan)
Aralyn Regier Shetherien (m/12th lvl druid/ Que-Gelvani/ Elwin)
Brynlinia Gavien Q’moriel (m/10th lvl cleric/ Que-Gelvani/ Trevanya)
Ilnysh Vyren Neth’nelorn (m/14th lvl ranger/ Sylvana-Gelvnai/ Elwin)
Sheliak Dariel Que’Kithania (f/14th lvl cleric/ Que-Gelvani/ Shey-Tishan)
Reahnyn Sheriem Kyralyn (f/17th lvl cleric/ Que-Gelvani/ Shey-Tishan)
Tiercelis Head Knight (m/ 8th lvl fighter/ 8th lvl cleric/ Que-Gelvani/ They-Kithara)
Gellawyn Lorien Mthanyr (m/6th lvl cleric/6th lvl bard/ Que-Gelvani/ Feylwyn)

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