Chapter 6 - Equipment

The idea behind this will be to show armor, goods, gear, services, special material, and weapons that are unique to Naeja.

Be forewarned, I'm going to be busy on this page. I'm gambling on the idea that by the time Naeja gets published the pendulum will have swung the other way and people will be looking for something more than giant swords, armor made out of wood, or alien-looking equipment in general. As such, I'm doing a great deal of research on European weapons and armor circa 15th century A.D. I plan on even differentiating between "modern" armor and obsolete armor. Not too many people know, for instance, that, by the time the Renaissance (the equivalent era for Rona) rolled in, plate armor was making chain armor obsolete because it was actually cheaper and faster to make solid metal armor as opposed to thousands of little linked rings. Nor do a lot of people know that padded jackets provided a surprising amount of protection, that a great deal of warriors went about in surprisingly heavy armor, etc.

But, as the opening sentence said, this isn't going to be just about historically realistic equipment. I want to put a lot of thought and effort into something Ken started with the eo'lanyr, the enchanted Duervan suits of ceramic/stone plate (unfortunately something that Pathfinder stumbled into as well), etc. I want to think of concepts and themes that would have occurred in a world with no gunpowder.

On that note, one of the topics I might try to dig up information on in what types of ships should be available in Verosia and Old Camus. As far as Pathfinder goes, these include galleys, keelboats, longships, sailing ships, and warships. The problem with these, as with their armor list, is that it makes for an anachronistic mix.

The technology of Rona at its apex roughly corresponds with a period of long, narrow, oared, and single-masted war-galleys that had a couple of cannon mounted at the front (facing forward). At the same time, sailing ships such as cogs, carracks, and caravels were coming into the fore. Galleys, the principal warships of this time, had a very hard time boarding these sailing ships: the galleys' oars would get in the way, and the opposing ships rode higher in the water. On the other hand, though, those sailing ships were much more difficult to maneuver - since they often features only 1-2 sails.

And then you have the Bamorians. It's tempting to simply give them the next level of human sailing ship to justify their greater knowledge and call it a day… but I want to come up with something special for them. I would really like to see something like massive catamarans, instead!

I think this may end up being something that makes the setting look refreshing and unique.

Wealth and Money
Special Materials
Goods and Services

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