Aminus separated existence into three planes: the Eternal Realms, the Aetheria, and the Mortal Realm.

The realms are seperated from the Mortal Realm by the the Aetheria also called The Veil. The Eternal Realms were created by Aminus as the home of the immortal and eternal gods. Also, within the Eternal Realms, are the Elemental Realms which were created by Aminus as the source of all energy and mater in the creation of the Mortal Realms.

The Boundaries of the Eternal Realms:
The Eternal Realms limitless. They have no physical borders, but they do have spiritual (or "Planar") borders. Each realm is connected to the four elemental realms, the Aetheria, and to the Celestial Gate. Elemental Realms and the Aetheria each have portals to the Mortal Realm. Thus, each Eternal Realm has six boundaries:
The Eternal Sky: This resides above all eternal realms. Above each realm is the eternal sky is the ecliptical constellation, shining brilliantly and filling the whole sky. The existence of day or night is specific to each realm. The eternal sky also connects to the elemental plane of air.
Vas-Eternus: The Eternal Sea also borders all realms. Each realm has some shore that connects to this endless ocean. The eternal sea also connects to the elemental plane of water.
Firmament of the Heavens: The Endless Earth is the ground upon which all realms are built. Each eternal realm has some solid ground. It goes down for endless depths. The endless earth also connects to the elemental plane of earth.
The Eternal Flame: The eternal flame burns brilliantly within all eternal realms, providing them warmth and light. It is the origin of the flame that was used to ignite the Orb of Sheliak. In some realms it is deep beneath the earth, in others it burns as a sun in the sky, while still in others it rages as an endless inferno. The eternal flame is undying and those who can enter its heart will find that it connects to the elemental plane of fire.
The Celestial Gate: All eternal realms meet at one point, the Celestial Gate. Here they are connected to the Mortal Realm by a gate forged through the Veil by Aminus. Some realms have barriers to prevent trespassers from both sides. The Ashen Fields are such a barrier, as is Neth Noril. The souls of all mortals who die enter the Eternal Realms by way of the Celestial Gate if they are not immediately reincarnated.
The Aetheria: The Aetheria may be a barrier between the Eternal Realms and the Mortal Realm, but it can also serve as a connecting border between each of the Eternal Realms. If one can find a way into the Aetheria from one realm, they can traverse it to reach another Eternal Realm and hopefully find a way in through the Aetheria there. The Other Worlds of the Fey and the Shadow Realms (corrupted realms) all reside within the Aetheria.

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In D&D Cosmology: The Eternal Realms contain the Outer Planes, the Inner Planes and the Astral Plane. The Elemental Realms contain the Elemental Planes, the Quasi-Elemental Planes, the Para-Elemental Planes and other such planes. There is no perception of the Astral Plane within the religious descriptions of the Eternal Realms. The Aetheria is the Ethereal Plane. The Mortal Realm contains the World of Naeja, the Orb of Sheliak, the moons, the stars and the celestial spheres.

The Elemental Realms
The Mortal Realm
The Aetheria
The Veil
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