Cudgel Of Eyes

Cudgel of Eyes:
+3 wooden cudgel. This twisted wooden club is about a foot and a half long and about four to six inches around. It is covered with solidified eyes and cruel runes. The top is set with a fomorri’s eye, and there is also an Ogre’s eye, human eyes, eagle’s eye, cat’s eye and many goblin eyes.
Giant’s Eye: Knockback: Fort DC 19, Knockback 10 feet. Save again DC 19 or be stunned 1 rnd.
Ogre’s Eye: Crazed: Rage (Emotion), +2 morale bonus to Str & Con,+1 will saves, -1 AC) 3 rnds
Human Woman’s Eye: Screaming: +1d6 sonic damage when hits, moans when not striking.
Eagle’s Eye: +5 circumstance bonus to spot checks (see Eyes of Eagle)
Cat’s Eye: Dark Vision 60’
Goblin Eyes: Command Goblins. DC 20 will save, Goblins are immediately considered friendly, and up to 20 HD of goblins may be commanded at one time to obey the wielder. Other goblins will usually fall in with the crowd. 120’ radius.

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