Da Wu


Neth-Noril is a gelvani realm in the outer planes ruled by the black skinned lord Elghinn. Here reside the spirits of all those gelvani who die of unnatural means upon the mortal world and whose souls are not passed on to Arvanis by the proper rituals set down by Gelthena. To most gelvani it is a limbo, a place where they must suffer eternity in a world without the beauty of the stars or the sun lit sky and reside either in a massive city of darkness or an alien forest. However, to the Da’wu Gani this is paradise.
It is said in their myth that once long ago they were born in Neth-Norel, and are the direct children of Elghinn. But, when Gelthena cast the other gelvani upon the world she commanded their dark father to also send down his children. He chose the lands of Ryosha for them, and the dark bamboo forest to be called “Neth-Utani”.
When they arrived here they found that some spirits already resided in this strange forest. They were the Bamboo spirits and became friendly with the Da’wu. Over many millennia the two races became one and the Da’wu are now considered a race of Spirit Folk (see Oriental Adventures). However, unlike other Bamboo Spirit Folk they maintained some gelvani features and are particularly different in appearance. They are much more like their godly ancestor, who they now call El’gin.
The Da’wu are very short with skin tones of deep purple, midnight blue and ebony black. Their hair is usually silver, white or various shades of blue. Their eyes are often brilliant blues, greens, purples and sometimes even violet. They are beings of the twilight, living in forests that by day are shadowy and by night are pitch black. Thus they have incredible low light vision and even minor dark vision, but in bright light they find it difficult to focus and thus suffer penalties.
The Da’wu are as agile as other gelvani but are also incredibly intelligent. Magic is very common in their society and many of them are Wujen. Like other spirit folk they are akin to the forest and other spirits, but unlike most spirit folk they are not of human descent but rather of Gelvani decent. Hence they are of the 7th blood. Despite this Gelthena does not communicate with them. She allows Elghinn complete control over them, but bids that they too must live upon a mortal world. When they die, however, they always go to Neth-Norel and to them that is suiting. Hence, they are not required to be buried by the rituals of the other gelvani. It is not known what would happen if they were.
Da’wu Gani are only found in Ryosha; however, they often will leave their land to explore the world. They are very curious about other Gelvani and have heard many rumors about their kin. However, when they find other gelvani they are often surprised at the vast differences. Da’wu are truly unique.

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