Danthae Gelvani

Translated roughly as those born of "two-kinds", this term is the socially acceptable name for Gelvani whose parentage or lineage is mixed from the blood lines of Gelvani. In the Gelvani language, "Danth" is a preposition that can serves as "pair" as in, to "two of the same", or a plurality of sorts. Danthae-Gelvani are those elves whose parentage or lineage is mixed from two of the kiths that make up the Sixth Blood.

When Gelvani cross-bloods one side is always dominant, and when reproducing again that dominant side is the one that is factored into the potential offspring.
Hence, a child whose father was Grey'Gelvani but whose mother was Que'Gelvani would be called a Danthae'Gelvani. Que'Gelvani blood is dominant, and she marries another Que'Gelvani, their children would be Que'Gelvani. Muwani is the slang derogative term used by some cultures.

See also Muwani.

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