Deities Of Nature

The Deities of Nature are the Gods who created the natural world at the command of Naeja. They are worshipped in most religions, though the Druidghda (druids) are their primary priests.



The Fey

By the command of Aminus, Naeja was to create a natural order to the Mortal Realm. The Elder Titans who had once commanded the Divine Flame had failed in their treachery and by Morda’s betrayal the Divine Flame had been extinguished. Naeja saw that the world was dark and lifeless, but she imagined a world teeming with life. From the children of the Greater Gods, she selected those who inherited gifts she considered ideal for this duty. They would bring the world to life, and are thus the Deities of Nature.

The only light the world bore was the dim glow of the stars. Aminus then granted the Divine Flame to the Children of Naeja. Naeja knew that no one God could control the power of the Divine Flame, so Naeja chose the first two daughters of Gelthena who were fathered by Loran.

Sheliak, first daughter of Gelthena, was given the Gift of Light. Sheliak reignited the great Orb and bade Ahad-Amal to bear it into the heavens, which would illuminate the world and warm its oceans. The Orb of Sheliak turned night to day.

Naeja then sought to give her world life, and so she sent Reahnyn to the world, second daughter of Gelthena, who was bearer of the Gift of Life. She poured the power of life into the rays of the Orb, and her arrival was marked by a beautiful dawn. This was the first time Ahad-Amal drove the chariot as Ahad-Amal. Reahnyn swept her light over the world and as the first light of dawn warmed the earth, air and seas, new life was borne. It sprung from the earth in the form of flowers and trees, tall grasses and deep-rooted vegetation. It spread in the oceans in vast beds of kelp and other sea plants. The first dawn also marked the first spring, called the Season of Rhein, and with it came warm winds from the northwest, which are known as the Rhein Winds.

As time passed the winds began to come more from the southwest. They were arid winds and the intense heat of the Orb of Sheliak brought spring to an end. The flora of the world stopped their blooms and the world became vivid in vibrant greens, and all things living grew. So it was that the season of summer came to be, called the Season of Shelin, and the winds from the southwest are called the Shelin Winds.

The world was beautiful and harmonious, and so the Titans grew angry. Zorik, son of Amal and Anvurgar was the Titan Lord of Unbearable Heat. He seduced Sheliak, and she soon forgot all her other duties. He bade her come closer to the world so he may bask in her glorious warmth. Soon the winds died all together and the blazing heat of the Orb of Sheliak was unbearable. Thus even the warm summer ended. This new season was one of intense drought and all the life of the world began to suffer as lakes dried up and the ground turned brittle and dusty. Thus was the season of late summer called the Season of Zorin, and there were no winds. Thus, Zo’rin means “without wind”.

Naeja needed to free her daughter from the spell of this wicked titan. She decided that she must put a veil over the world that would allow life to escape the endless heat and would separate Sheliak from Zorik. Naeja came to the Greater Titan of Storms, Sturmgar, and asked him to put great clouds over the skies and soak her world in his rains. The Titan offered to only help her if she would become his lover. So it was and from their union were born two Divinities; Kalrik, who was born with their father’s might, and Torik who was born with their father’s power over the great storms. And so Torik blotted out the Orb of Sheliak with dark clouds and washed the lands with raging rainstorms that blew in from the southeast. Kalrik battled Zorik, and was proven the greater warrior. Naeja was pleased, but soon Torik’s torrential rage became too much and the land suffered again in floods, hurricanes, lightning storms, and twisters. So it was that the season of storms came to be, called the Season of Torin, and the winds from the southeast were called the Torin Winds.

Now, both Torik and Kalrik fell in love with Reahnyn and they decided to fight over her. Kalrik won and claimed the Goddess as his bride. Naeja saw that this union would be good and sanctified the marriage. Reahnyn did not love Kalrik as he was a brute warrior, but she would not disobey her creator, thus she bore him two children; Myrrha, who held all the love that Reahnyn could never feel for her husband, and Moryn, who Naeja knew would have the power to stop the storm season.

Naeja feared the rains of Torik would drown her world, and so she bade Morin to turn back the winds. From the northeast the winds now turned and carried with them dry and cold air. The storms were gone but the earth was still cold. Nature began to fade from the world, and Naeja knew this passing was inevitable, so she bade Moryn to gift nature with fruits and seeds and harvest them upon the world so that they may survive the death of the world and be ready when spring was to come again. So it was that autumn came to be, called the Season of Morin, and the winds from the northeast would be called the Morin Winds.

The world must rest now, Naeja thought, and so it shall, under a blanket of snow and ice. She bade Sheliak to turn her Orb from the earth and called upon Koryn, son of Vald and Isati, to bring a strong wind from the north. It carried with it heavy freezing rains, then hail and finally snow. These fell over the world and nature hid beneath, awaiting the end of this season of death. So it was that winter came to be, called the Season of Korin, and the winds from the north were called the Korin Winds.

The Season of Korin did not last longer than any other season though, and when it was time Naeja sent forth Reahnyn again to melt away the snow and ice and bring the flowers to bloom and re-awaken the forests.

Fate, Destiny, Free Will

Tell story of how Isati was created as Goddess of Fate and Destiny, and she bore Hedaera as goddess of Death, the force of Fate. Tell story of how Aminus created Woryk as the God of Free Will, and thus Magic. Link to story of how he went mad.

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