GM Secrets

What Wars May Come:

The World of Naeja is facing a time when many prophecies are coming to fulfillment, and these are resulting in a renewed time of war. These will be wars between ancient enemies and ancient allies. The prophecies fortell that some realms and peoples will fall, while others will arise to new power. The conjunction of all these prophecies is the coming of a final and great war between Titans and Gods, with the mortal races (Children of Naeja and Elgar alike) as the pawns in that mighty war.

Ogre War

The War of The Spear

Secret Histories

Secret Gelvani History

Other Secrets

Olthanyr There was a race of "old lordly men" living on the hill called Car'Olthanyr when the Gelvani first arrived in Mirivia. They aided the Gelvani in the Orogh'Khan and all but one died. These were not Duneimen, but rather a different race entirely. They were strongly connected to nature, very tall and had extraordinary abilities.

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