Realm: Sora
Ruler: Lord Vian Gildarhawk
Population: 800-850 (90% Duneimen - Verosian (Soran, Ronan), 5% Duervar, 3% Bamorians, 2% Folkin).
Races Tolerated: Gelvani, Gnomes, Half-Elves
Religions: The Ronan Church, Druidism
Alignments: Any good and some neutral. Morality is more important than lawfulness.
Products: Vegetables, Timber, Beef, and Wool.

Drakmordan is set on the northern most edge of the Coast of Tears, the stretch of cliffs on the western borders of Old Camus before the Straights of Lohandar. The castle itself rises on the highest bluff just before the mountains of Baraduum. Spotting the rocky land beneath it are the numerous homes, establishments, temples, and farmsteads of the village. They wind down the hill along a dusty road that eventually leads beyond the short stone walls that attempt to protect the town. Beyond are the many farms of daring souls who are willing to face the dangers of this wild land.
Beyond Drakmordan are less civilized lands. Baraduum’s black and icy peaks stretch to the north. Orcs, ogres and all sorts of savage things roam those ranges. The Duervar of Clan Baradain dwell in the northern most peaks, but that is very far from Darkmordan. Stretching to the east is the Long Road to Gilcrest. The road is fraught with perils such as bandits and goblin raiders, to say the least. Gilcrest lies some six days journey by foot at the base of the Baraduum. It is a pinnacle of light in a dark land, and many stop in Drakmordan on their way there. South east is the forest the elves call Sylvanmyr. The humans call it by the ancient name of Drakmorwood, which literally translates to Forest of the Sleeping Dragon. It is said terrible things live in this forest. Things that even the Sylvana-Gelvani stay far from.
Despite how dangerous the land may seem Drakmordan is a safe haven. To those who live in this reach of the world its walls are a shield against evil, and its castle towers a center of civilization. With the jagged spires to the north, and the cliff wall along the east it is almost impossible to invade. There are only two roads to this city, the Coastal Way and the Long Road, both of which the Warden of Drakmordan keeps a heavy watch upon. With knights of Thamor coming and going from the town it is the safest place to be if you must travel this far north.
Drakmordan is one of the oldest towns in Sora. After Authbrig was established by the Ronans they began to explore the coast, hoping to find more port cities. They found none, but an ancient castle built here at the base of the mountains served as an outpost for many expeditions into the north. Though most of these failed, the castle eventually built a town about it and in time (after Gilcrest was established) it became an important throughway for much travel.
The Gilderhawk family has ruled over Drakmordan since its founding over 80 years prior. Some of their Lords have been Knights of Thamor but the current ruler, Vian Gilderhawk (12th Rngr/ NG/ 40 H M) has little interest in the church. He has seen his share of battle though, when he was Warden of the land. After his brother’s death he took the title and has ruled since, some 20 years. During his time as Warden he learned the land and its dangers. This is why he has put so much of his effort into maintaining a strong number of trained scouts. He intends to always be alerted of any impending danger. Vian’s sons, Shtoben and are usually difficult to find. Shtoben (5th Rngr/ NG/ 20 H M) is a member of the Warden’s Scouts. Victor (2nd Brd/ LG/ 18 H M) has shown a great knowledge in music and lore.

Forces: Drakmordan has a small city guard, capable of keeping the streets mostly safe. However, its greatest force is a barracks holding nearly one hundred and fifty trained soldiers, including calvary, in the service of the King. What more, there is a small Temple of Thamor hosting a small force of Knights that serve the Church’s bidding. If Drakmordan were ever in extreme danger, though, there are well over 300 strong and healthy men who can join a militia.
City Guard: 30 warriors (1st-3rd lvl War), 3 Lieutenants (3rd-4th lvl War), 1 Captain (4th-6th lvl War); 10 guards and 1 Lieutenant on duty in each of three shifts.
Standing Army: 100 armed soldiers (1st-3rd Ftr), 40 Archers (1st-3rd Ftr), 30 Cavalry (3rd-5th Ftr), 5 Commanders (4th-5th Ftr), 1 Captain (6th-8th Ftr)
Knights: 1 Knight-Captain of Thamor (10th lvl), 4 Knights of Thamor (7th-9th lvl), and 4 initiates (6th lvl)
Militia: 300 Militiamen; 30 scouts (1st-3rd Rgr or Rog), 1 Warden (3rd-6th Rgr),

Temples: Being in the Kingdom of Sora means that Drakmordan must have a Temple of Thamor, but there are also a few other small temples established within the town.

Church of Thamor: This is a small stone building set at the center of the town. It can house up to four hundred in a tight fit. The minister is Father Nikile (10th Cl/ LG/ 43 yo H M), and he is fervent in his duty to bring the faith to the people. He holds two services daily, and makes himself available at all hours of the night. He continues to petition for the funds to enlarge the sanctuary, believing more will attend a larger church.

Temple of Thamor: Adjoining the Church of Thamor is a small Temple-Barracks that can hold as many as 12 Knights of Thamor, including stabling for their horses and a large common room for their squires. There are four currently Four Initiates, four Knights of Thamor and their Knight-Captain serving the Church. Knight-Captain Conner Marc’Airk (5th Ftr, 5th KoT/ LG/ 32 yo H M) is a fair and honorable man who guides his men with wisdom and courage. He has the authority to take command of the City Guard and the Standing Army if necessary, though he rarely has need. These men are those who reside at the adjoining Temple, thus this number does not include those who are staying while traveling. During the season of Rhein and Shein there can be as many as twelve Knights staying at the Temple-Barracks.

Temple of Reahnyn: While very small this temple has been a great boon to the people of this town and adventurers alike. Reahnyn commands that healing be given to all unless their wounds are received in vain (such as pointless battle). Even then the priests will often heal those adventurers who are willing to listen to hours of preaching. The Temple is set near the southern gate, so that farmers injured may come quickly to the services of the priests. Reverend Jarel Tarin (8th Cl/ LG/ 31 yo H M) and his wife Lady Mika Tarin (4th Cl/ LG/ 28 yo H F) run the temple. Both are practicing priests of Reahnyn.

The Spire of Torik: The God of Storms has a few devout followers here in Drakmordan. The city has seen its fair share of danger and disaster at the hands of great storms that roll in from the Dragon Sea, as well as Ice storms from the north. Those who fear the storms or wish to pay tribute to the god come here. This small temple is not much more than an alter surrounded by a small building and is set on the very edge of the northern most ridge before the mountains. Storm Master Corem Kasir (12th Cl/ CG/ 41 yo H M) directs the daily activities of the church and resides within. If the town is ever in dire need and he must change the weather he cannot do so on his own terms. He must spend hours in concentration and prayers and by the end of perhaps one day or longer he will emerge with either a miraculous ritual to change the weather or with word that the god will not help.

Establishments: Drakmordan does not have much in the way of public businesses. There is of course a baker and a butcher, a weaver, and most of the other essentials to common life. There are, however, a couple places to note:

The Inn at Drakmordan: A simple name for a simple place. The Inn has twelve rooms, and during the busiest seasons of travel they are usually full. It also has a slumbering hall, which is the cheapest room to sleep in but all you get is a cott and must share this room with the other guests. The Inn is run by Able Macroan (9th expert-cooking/ NG/ 42 yo H M) his wife Cindra (3rd expert-cooking/ NG/ 45 yo H F), and their two daughers Maia (19) and Tia (17). They also have one son, Richard (4th Rngr/ CG/ 20 H M), but he is usually off with the warden. The Inn is well known for supplying a warm and comfortable place to stay at a reasonable price. Nobles stay at the Castle, Knights and Priests at the Church, and commoners with any friends they can find. The Inn almost exclusively finds itself serving wealthy adventurers or those sent on quests.

Kife’s Feed and Farm Supply: This store provides all the supplies needed by the farmers in the area. It is of note because it also serves as a supply shop for most adventurers. Almost any useful item can be found here. Kife (5th Warrior/ NG/ 29 H M) sells items of wood, leather, fur, cloth and iron. He also sells feed by huge bag fulls. Outside of town he owns a large farm where he stocks animals for sale, and has a few wagons that are always for sale.

Places of Note: Drakmordan borders two places of very important note: The Cliffs of Tears and Drakmorwood.

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