Druids are a very rare and specific religion. In general Druids are worshipers of nature, and not deities; however, deities are part of the natural order of things so they do believe in gods and often serve them. In the world of Naeja there are only three cultures that have druids.
In ancient times, the humans now called the Skarrels and Ronans were all druidic. Even now, their religions are deeply rooted in those ancient beliefs. The Druids of Naeja are not only still present but have been gaining power in the Age of Darkness. What more, the Elder Elemental God has druids as well, who serve the raw forces of nature, unbridled and terribly destructive. These two orders of druids battle each other to assert their own natural “balance” to the world.
Gelvani also often have druids amongst them, mostly amongst the Sylvana-Gelvani, or wild elves. They, however, serve Gelthena, who is their goddess of nature.
The last order of Druids are those of the Lacertu who, though most are clerics, do have a nature god and serve that deity in much the same way other druids serve their gods.

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