Dslc B1 Outline


  • Marius, a greedy wizard, and Tyrian, a morally conflicted thief flee a city of undead, leaving behind their companions who they believe dead. Just before escaping an undead priest appears with a host of ghouls and casts upon them a curse. They narrowly escape through a wall of dead vines into the daylight.

Chapter 1

  • Alianna, a priestess of Reahnyn, petitions a captain of the Knights of Thamor to send a search party after her brother. He refuses and it is revealed that her brother has gone in search of some ancient mythological relic in a city lost to a cursed forest. The captain won't sacrifice any other knights in what is surely a suicide mission.
  • Alianna is escorted out by another knight, Bartal, who is in fact her brother's best friend. She tries to convince him to forgo his duties to help her, but Bartal is a main of duty and can not give up his responsibilities. He takes her by carriage back to her temple/nunnery.
  • Khazid, a Mikanian, enters the city of Tharthin with a caravan. He tries to be in-obvious but he is clearly a foreigner. He heads to the Journeyman's Waylay where he procures a room and retires to the Drunken Dwarf, a tavern in the establishment.
  • Kalthanan, 2nd prince of Mirivia, a Gelvani, stands on a balcony of Caliburn, the Duke's Palace, overlooking the city of Tharthin. He puts on his "commoner" dress and heads for the city. He is cut off by his guard's captain, Claero, who is also a Gelvani (as are all his guard). She escorts him to the carriage. She believes he is going to visit an emissary of the Duervan Kingdoms. She is much chagrinned to find out they are meeting at a tavern called the Drunken Dwarf.
  • Kalthanan and Claero arrive at the Drunken Dwarf and enter, finding a duervar named Baim Hardrock, the "Emmissary". The dwarf is telling a tall tale about how he and his brother fought a wyvern. Khazid, who is one of the audience, questions the story, angering the dwarf. Kalthanan steps in, rescuing Khazid, and the dwarf's demeanor changes greatly. Instead of bashing in Khazid's head he tells him to buy him a drink. They all sit down together. Baim and Kalthanan are clearly old friends.
  • Alianna comes into the Drunken Dwarf and hangs out by the bar for a while, leaves a message for the bar-keep to contact her if her brother returns, and leaves.

Chapter 2

  • Marius and Tyrian enter Tharthin, unknowingly pursued by a demonic little creature called a homonculous. Marius is terribly ill and Tyrian is starting to get ill. It is night and they come to the Drunken Dwarf. They enter and collapse at a table. They talk quietly and earnestly, as Tyrian tries to convince Marius to go to the Temple of Reahnyn. Marius gets up to leave and collapses near Khazid and Claero. Tyrian leaves them to go get Alianna.
  • Kalthanan, Khazid, Baim and Claero overlook Marius. The rest of the tavern clears out. Claero says the illness appears to be unnatural. Khazid notices another mental presence in the room, but doesn't say anything. When Marius comes to it is clear he is delirious. He speaks to Khazid but his words make no sense. Khazid can hear his thoughts, though, and sees images in his mind. He sees secrets that will not yet be revealed. Marius appears to be frightened of some phantom and then collapses again.
  • Alianna is in her chambers when Tyrian appears at the gate. She goes to him and brings her to the Drunken Dwarf. Along the way he appears to become more and more ill. When they arrive she finds Marius near death. He tries to heal him but can't. He dies. She turns on Tyrian, demanding to know about her brother. He tells her he is still in Karthain, probably dead. He then is overcome with illness. Khazid detects some malevolent force at work. She asks for help carrying Tyrian to the temple. The others offer help, leaving Khazid behind.
  • Khazid inspects Marius' body while the bar-keep calls upon the Minnions of Talorn to dispose of the body. Khazid finds what he is looking for and pockets it.
  • Kalthannan and Baim help deliver Tyrian, and the priestesses take him into the halls of healing. Kalthanan asks about what happened and Alianna gives him a basic story about her brother being lost. Claero says the forest is cursed. Kalthanan implies that he will help her. Baim says he sees no profit in it. Alianna says if they want to help to return in the morning. If Tyrian lives she may know more about what happened.
  • The Minnions of Talorn arrive to take away Marius' body. Khazid detects the threat leaving.

Chapter 3

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