Dslc B1 Plot Line

And the flames poured out of Mynydd Ddraig and spread wild across the fields of Naarthuun. The mountain was engulfed in smoke and the sky was roiling with ash and crimson lightning. The inferno was higher than the walls of the holy city and the unbearable winds blasted open her gates. The people would have fled but the city was surrounded by a tide of burning death that drew the air from their lungs. The heat and cinders set the thatched rooves of their homes aflame and they retreated into the great stone walls of the Temple of Thamor. There the knights barred the doors and The First gathered the people to him, as they prayed to their god for salvation. A whirlwind of fire surrounded the building and the cracking wood and shattering of stones were the cacklings of demons that danced in the chaos outside. The building was strong but the air was hot and tendrils of smoke snaked through narrow crevices. Then the great colored window above the sepulcher of the Prophet cracked, and the leaded glass began to melt in its panes. The iron doors were red with heat and the floors were blanketed in a haze of smoke. Through heedless tears The First looked up to the great table where sat the twelve scrolls, the words of the Prophet etched into velum before his death; written in the divine script, so that no man unworthy could read them. But he, The First, had been worthy, and he had written a codex to translate those texts so that he could share the decrees and wisdom of Thamor with all. And many of those scrolls he had already translated, and scribbed their words to many copies, which he had sent all over Kamus and the other realms, to spread the words of his god. He clung to that Codex now and looked about him at the horrified faces of old women, wailing mothers clinging to their squalling babes, and the failing courage of aged knights. He wiped away his tears and rose before his congregation, raising the codex above his head, "Thamor speaks! Do not fear and do not doubt!" he cried. "He is with you and what pain in life we suffer are temporal, but his blessings are eternal and we shall be with him today in the gardens before his mountain. Though we may die our souls will live forever more in paradise. So, do not fear, cry if you must, but fear nothing so long as you have Thamor in you hearts!" There was one, though, kneeling quietly who rose at his words. A young knight, knewly donned, who stood in his full armor and whose face was calm despite the sweat and ash upon it, "But what of his words?! They cannot perish here, we must find a way to save the words of the Prophet." The First looked upon the boy knight and knew him well, and then he knew the boy had become a man and in him was a great faith. "You shall be their bearer," said The First, and he removed his mantle and over robes, wrapping the sacred scrolls and the codex in them. Then he took the basin of holy water and upended it over the heavy cloth, so that it was soaked. Handing the bundle to the young knight his tears came ubidden again. Laying his hands upon him he cried out to Thamor, even as the flames brought the great doors of the temple down and all the people screamed. The knight did not tremble, though, and The First gave his last and greatest blessings to him, "Go, blessed knight, and save our faith for all the future of mankind. Take these scrolls and this codex, and deliver them safely unto the hands of our brethren in the south. Keep strong your faith and Thamor will protect you from the flames! Go! Go now!" He cried these last words even as the roof began to crumble and the flames came rushing in.
The Knight rushed towards the door. The fire bellowed around him grappling at his cloak and armor, but he felt not its wounding breath, though as he rushed into the black and orange whirlwinds the air seemed to waver and he found himself nearly blind. Then a call rose above the sounds of sundering stone, and he rushed towards it to find himself grappling the burning doors of the stables. Swinging them open a great white horse rushed out, untouched by the flames. The young knight pulled himself on and the horse raced through burning winds, and then leapt high and far. They broke free of the flames and rushed over blackened fields through walls of smoke.
Many days later the knight arrived at the southern temple. The horse he road was black with ash and near death from exhaustion. The knight was far worse. His eyes were a place glass, his flesh seared stiff, and what hair remained was brittle and grey. He spoke briefly before his death, telling them of the dragon that had assailed their castle, of the knights who had bravely gone to face it, and of the wildfire that had spread from its cavern and engulfed the city. He told them of the final words of The First and the destruction of the temple. He gave them the cloak and mantle and within they found the Sacred Scrolls of the Prophet. They praised the knight, but he shook his head and wailed in sorrow, his voice failing he croaked out his last words, "The Codex….gone." They tried to heal his wounds but his he was beyond their help. He fell into a deep sleep that night from which he never woke.
The Twelve Scrolls were kept safely hidden and protected for decades before they were nearly lost again in the Time of Sorik. The King and High Lord had ordered them moved to Shey'Shalorn, his new city in the north, when it was assailed by the dragons and their weylifin brethren. The city was destroyed before the scrolls could arrive. Instead they were returned to the priests and divided amongst their most sacred temples. Ramsor sacked those temples, though, and after defeating Sorik, brought the scrolls back to the King's castle. There King Ramsor displayed them triumphantly until Lord Authbrig exated revenge. Ramsor was slain, his army defeated and the kingdom reclaimed by the Knights of Thamor. Despite this, the realm was now lain to waste and Lord Authbrig led the great exodus across the sea to establish the new kingdom of Rona. Authbrig ordered the scrolls to be brought with them and placed in the new Temple in Rona. There they stayed for a hundred years until three new temples were built.
Three remaind in New Camus, three were sent to Tharthin and three to Farrellin. The three untranslated scrolls, though were sent to Karthain where the greatest Temple of Thamor ever to be built was being completed. There the greatest scribes and theologists would attempt to translate the last three scrolls without the codex. But a curse overcame Karthain and the forest of Metanmyr swallowed the city.
All were lost; the city, the theologians, and the scrolls….until…

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