Duervan Gods

The Duervan Creation Mythos

The First:

Deity Status Align Domains Title
Magmodin GG LG Creation, Prosperity, Wisdom & Law The Great Thaim
Kulderak IG LG Ancestors and History The Lore Keeper
Morak IG CG War, Competition & Skill at Arms The Titan Slayer
Morddradan IG LG The Earth, Mountains & Mining The Duervan Father
Osidan IG CN Fire, Heat, Battle & Rage The Flame Hearted
Balderak LG CG Strength, Caverns & Weapon-smithing The Forge Master
Belderak LG LG Guardians, Protection, Loyalty, Armory Armorer of the Gods
Adramor DG NG Wealth, Gemcutting & The Sky The Star Caster
Dorak DG LG Truth, Justice, Pride, Honor & Courage The Great Champion
Noraki DG LG Community, Art & Trade The Home Keeper
Grumbdabar QD CG Alcohol & Brewing The Brew Master
Gimmi QD NE Thieves & Greed The Grey Creeper

The Duervar seperate themselves from their gods and their ancients by the following categories:

Magdavar The Great Ones [Mag-=great, -var=ones]: These are the first gods, the creators. Though from time to time they have visited the mortal world, their home in Visvaduum.
Mordavar The Ancestral Ones [Mord-=father, ancestor]: These are the first ancestors, divine beings created by the Great Ones and fore-fathers of all the race. They are more often found acting upon the mortal world, but are denizens of Visvaduum and return there always.
Ardravar The Ancient Ones [Ar-=first, ancient]: These are the first of the race to live and die upon the mortal world. They were demi-gods and thus they lived forever unless slain. In the beginning of the war with the Titans there were over a hundred of their kind lived, but only a few remain and they reside amongst the Magdravar in Visvaduum.
Kuldravar The Lost Ones [Kul-=lost, deceased]: This term is given to all Ardruvar and Duervar who are lost to death upon the Mortal Realm. Their souls may have gone on to Visvaduum but their bodies have returned to the earth from which they were forged, never to be reforged again.
Duervar The Living Ones [Du-=second, young; Duer-= living, present]: All living of the race who are born upon the mortal world and will eventually age and die. Some Duervar have attained immortality by divine gift or other means, and they are mentioned here.
Duergar The Living Corrupted-Ones [-gar=deflied ones, corrupted ones]: Those Duervar who were corrupted and have forever been changed by that evil force. Some Duergar have attained immortality by divine gift or other means, and they are mentioned here.

The Ardruvar
In the age before the Ice, when the Titans warred for dominion of the world there were many duervan gods. The Ardruvar they were called; 100 mighty warriors who were neither immortal like their creators nor mortal like their children. Eternal were they, but they could be slain, and in their war that raged for over a thousands years almost all of them were. One of their greatest battles, it is told, was against the Elder Titan called Galur, Lord of the Quaking Earth. Many died, but Lohar joined the battle, and aided in the destruction of Galur. When the battle ended Galur's blood mingled with that of the fallen Adruvar and sank into the earth, filling it with precious ores. Lohar then taught five of the Ardruvar the secrets of the earth and they became known as the Stone Lords.

There were 100 Ardruvar warriors. All were male and all eternal. When the Titans were believed to be defeated there were less than a dozen of them remaining. The Mordravar then forged for them women who would be their brides. They and their children became the first of the Duervar. These are the names of the 100 Ardruvar:

Adain Of the Two Axes
Aldar The Bone Splitter
Ander Of Five Swords
Ardramor Star Caster
Bain The Ice Cleaver
Badrak The Black Arm
Baldar The Deep Legged
Banbar The Helm Forger
Bardor Of the High Passes
Bedrak Great Hammer
Belo Shore Guard
Bendar Wall Climber
Berom Of the Six Skulls
Bodan Foe Binder
Boldin War Brother
Bonbak Stone Thrower
Borik Silver Eye
Busidar Fog Stalker
Bulderain Cliff Walker
Bundin Cloud Breaker
Burmdor Cloud Slayer
Dak Storm Breaker
Dathben Storm Hammer
Dalmor Kilnsman
Dan Wind Cleaver
Dardin Of Snow Fall
Dega Of the Long Axe
Delik Silver Beard
Dendrak Black Headed
Dothin Dull Axe
Dolgar Iron Forger
Dondar Of the Golden Armor
Dorin Battle Cry
Dubar Isle Stepper
Dulbardin Wave Breaker
Dundordak Shore Crasher
Durrumbdar Sea Cleaver
Dwymdor Lava Drinker
Dwylik Stone Singer
Dwynder Deep Forge
Dwyrdin Cave Cutter
Fodin Delving Hands
Farumbar Sledge Foot
Falindar Valley Crawler
Fanderik Canyon Bracer
Farak River Dammed
Gimi Deep Stone
Gathik Block Cutter
Galber Long Measure
Gandor Deep Thinker
Gardain Wall Lifter
Gothin Hall Hammer
Goldar Gold Nose
Gonderin Silver Tongue
Gorain Lead Finder
Kilain Orescent
Kadradak Metal Seeker
Kalaim Alloy Minded
Kanderin Metal Mixer
Kardramor Cold Wright
Keth Steel Touch
Kel Red Scar
Kendradak Blue Foot
Kergain Black Eye
Koderak Gold Tooth
Kolden Star Fjord
Konberik War Fist
Kordain Spear Arm
Kuldain Great Shield
Kunberak Froth Spitter
Kurdain Ale Tongue
Modan Tern Mender
Madradin Cask Drinker
Magdar Hammer Fist
Malgar The Flame Fisted

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