Duervan Lores

Many believe that Duervar have no knowledge of the arcane arts, magic as we often call it. Yet they know many stories of legendary weapons forged by master duervan smiths, or great stone doors only opened by those who know the secret word, or even tales of stone monuments brought to life to lay woe upon the heads of those who dare trespass in duervan vaults. Clearly, Duervar have some form of magic. It's just not the kind to which we are accustomed. You won't see a duervar waving his hands around muttering incantations, or thumbing through a spell book to prepare his arcane rotes for the day. No, duervar are much more subtle than that and prefer their efforts to last longer than a quick blast or one time use. As such duervar study various ancient forms of magic passed down from generation to generation which they refer to as "Lores". There are six known Duervan Lores; Stone Lore, Rune Lore, Flame Lore, Forge Lore, Star Lore, and Blood Lore.

Each is defined by its powers, effects, purpose, and method of casting. Lore Magic does not manifest itself in the way of other forms of magic. Rarely are there visual effects and incantations, when invoked, sound as no more than a battle cry or simply duervan utterings. The magic takes time to cast and when cast it is usually permanent, though it may require time to recharge between each use. All Lore magic requires mastery of some skill to initially create the magic though often casting the spells requires lesser skill.

Lore magic was created thousands of years ago, at the dawn of the Age of Ice when the Ardruvar were battling for the survival of the Duervar against the giants and Titans. They and their earliest apprentices are known as the Lords of each of their lores respectively; Stone Lords, Rune Lords, Flame Lords, etc… The knowledge was passed down for many generations as the Duervar hid beneath the earth waiting for the Age of Ice to end. As their populations dwindled the students of these Lores did too, until eventually it was all but lost. Only recently have these Lores begun to be uncovered, as the Duervar explore the ruins of their ancient empire and uncover these secrets. A few Lores have been resurrected and others likely will do so again. Duervar who have learned these Lores are called Lore Masters.

There are six known Duervan Lores:
Stone Lore
Rune Lore
Flame Lore
Forge Lore
Star Lore
Blood Lore

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