Duervan Titles

It is commonly believed that Duervar call their Kings "Thaim" (also Thegn or Thane), and most are unaware that there are any other titles. The truth is that this is a very ancient duneimen term referring to any king or lordly person. It was adopted by the Duervar because they liked it so much.

There are, in fact, many titles afford Duervan aristocrats and warriors. All such titles, like most duervan names, are a prefix with a particular meaning. These are those titles:

Titles Reference Meaning
Mag- Thaim, High King. A King of a great clan. Great
Mor- Thain, King. Sometimes thought of as the King of a Hall. King
Mar- Dain, Lord. Sometimes thought of as the King of a Hall. Often called a Thain. Lord
Mord- Elder. Men who have lived long and have earned a position of respect. Father or Ancester
Kul- Keeper. A title often given to royal historians and guardians of ancient knowledge. Keep
Bal- Master Craftsman. A title given to the highest craftsman in a guild. Master
Bel- Guardian. A title given to any guard. Guard
Du- Trainee. A term referring to a young warrior. young

Thus in the ????? clan, there are many important people. Here are just some:
MagDardain: Thaim of the Clan. He was MorDardain before he took his father's place.
MorGarduun: Thain of ???? Hall, sister of MagDardain, next in line for the throne.
MarArnost: Dain of Thaladrim's Forge, the Slayer of Wvazgard.
MordFalan: Elder Falan was advisor to MagGardain, the last Thaim, and now advises MagDardain.
KulTharik: Keeper Tharik watches over the hall of murals, where the history of the clan is kept.
BalAdar: Master Forger to the Thaim. There are many Forgers and Trainees under him.
BelMordarin: A Guard, and coincidentally a cousin to MagDardain.
DuBorin: Borin is a young man training to become a guard under BelMordarin.

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