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…..What becomes of a race who were born for war and knew nothing of war for thousands of years? When they are confronted with the long suffering years of peace and see their own lives wasting away in boredom, how do they reconcile their existence, their very being? It is no wonder they turned upon each other. Thus, I suppose it was inevitable that when the last of the Titans had fallen, and at last peace was won, it was the beginning of the end. It is well known that it was the wrath of Olginthoth that set the great age of ice upon the world and his frost giants that drove the Duervar beneath the mountains, and though the legends speak of how Magmodin rose up his armies and set upon the frost giants it was too late to save the Empire. What the legends don't tell, though, is the deep and dark history of those times. **

I. Magmodin vs. Elder Titans
II. Magodin summons the Greater Gods, Greater Gods vs. Titans (G, I)
III. Titans spawn the Lesser Titans, Magmodin forges the Lesser Gods, L. Gods vs. L. Titans
IV. Lesser Titans spawn the Giant Lords. Lesser Titans, Giant Lords
V. Giant Lords father the corrupted Giants, Magmodin orders the 100 forged from clay found along the river of life
VI. 100 vs. Giants, only some survive
VII. The duervan wives are forged from molten lava cooled and cast. Each is hollow and a small amount of the clay of life is set within them. They are given to the duervar as their brides to begin the race.
VIII. The first duervan families are born, and in time they mingle. These establish the first clans.
IX. The clans quickly grew in numbers and the duervan halls were vastly expanded. They mastered the earth, water and fire. The women formed a council to lead them. During these times the Gods often walked amongst them and taught them things.
XII. The clans grew so large that the council was no longer effective. They instead grouped clans together by where they lived and their council members elected delegates who met to make decisions.
XIII. ….Empire formed…
IX. Empire attacked by Olginthoth and Ice Titans. Magmodin faces off many Ice Titans but the ice walls keep advancing. Eventually he is so weakened that he tells all he must rest or risk falling into an immortal slumber for 1000 years. Olginthoth then attacks himself and is so powerful that Magmodin is forced to fight. He defeats Olginthoth and his dragon. He is very weak now, but as he leaves the mountain he is assailed by the last of the Ice Titans. He falls into the sleep battling them. The other gods come and save him, carrying him back to Visvaduum.
X. The Empire begins to fall into chaos as the Ice has shattered its foundations. Magmodin no longer answers their prayers and the gods appear to have abandoned them to the remaining Ice Titans and Frost Giants.
XII. The Gods are in Visvaduum arguing over who should rule in Magmodin's place and the decision seems to come down to how they will deal with the remaining Ice Titans. Osidan wants to rule and lead the dwarven gods against the Titans to obliterate them, but the gods fear they too will fall into this immortal slumber. ?????? wants to abandon the surface and hunker into the mountains and rebuild the fallen halls, allowing the duervar to rebuild their numbers beneath the earth. ????? wants to hold all lands above ground and below, to defend those territories they already hold, but not go into all out war again for fear of the same. This arguments eventually lead to heated words, blows are struck and battle begins. The gods break up their quarrel in Visvaduum and return to the mortal world to gather their own followers and lead them in their own ways.
XIII. The Duervan Empire falls as the gods divide their subjects up with different goals. Some go to war against the Titans, some defend the surface, and some close the gates to the under mountains and try to XIX. The Ice Age lasts for a thousand years.

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