Elemental Realms

Aminus separated existence into three planes: the Eternal Realms, the Elemental Realms, and the Mortal Realm. The Elemental Realms serve as the wellspring for matter and energy. They are the infinite source of the elements of creation, but they are static and unchanging.

The realms are seperated from the Mortal Realm by The Veil. These realms were created by Aminus as the home of the eternal Titans. They have the power to create and control anything of their elemental power. The Elemental Realms are also the place where Elemental Spirits reside when they have not been summoned to the Mortal Realm

The Elemental Realms contain the following elemental planes:

Tesserisfar The Four Spheres:

Other Elemental Realms
The Negative-Energy Plane
The Positive-Energy Plane
The Quasi-Elemental Planes
The Para-Elemental Planes

There are also a number of Other Worlds that exist within The Veil that border the Elemental Planes. These are:
The Plane of Shadow
The City of Twilight

The Elemental Realms
The Mortal Realm
The Veil
The Celestial Gate

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