Power: ED
Alignment: CN
Titles: The Elder Elemental Lord
Domains: The Elements and Chaos
Symbol: Four elemental limbs spiraling out from an inhuman eye.
Constellation: Elgar has no constellation of his own, but rather four constellations for the four elements represent him.
Description: Elgar is the Elder God of the Elements and Chaos. One of the three Elder Gods who created the universe, he poured forth the raw elements of his eternal realms to create the Mortal Realm. He is father of the Titans and dwells upon the chaos created when raw elements collide, hence his worshipers war with one another for the glory of his favor. Elgar struggles against Naeja, Elder Goddess of Nature, always attempting to destroy what she has created and return the elements to their natural state.
Appearance: Elgar only manifests in the form of cataclysmic natural events, such as tidal waves, earthquakes, destructive winds, or volcanoes. Those few who have seen his true form at the heart of the elemental planes claims that he is massive beyond imagination, covered with eyes and tentacles, and formed of all elements but that they all appear to be in constant conflict with each other.
Personality: Elgar is a being of ultimate Chaos and inhuman mentality. His thoughts and motives are nearly impossible to explain. What little can be said is that he hates all order, revels in chaos, seeks the undoing of the natural world, and spawns his creations, the Titans and Elemental Beings, with the same ends that a queen ant lays her larvae.
Powers: Elgar can control any and all elements. He does not have the power to combine them, but he can break apart those things that are formed of combined elements. All living things are a combination of elements and so subject to his power. Elgar seeks to return the universe to its original state of chaos and clashing forces.
Children: Galur, Amal, Morda, Ciel
Worshipers: All Titans and their Giant children, who are his descendants, worship Elgar. Though many lesser titans and giants may worship greater Titans, they all eventually pay homage to Elgar. Very rarely do Children of Naeja turn to worshipping this deity. Those who do desire to control the power of the elements in their rawest forms.
Priests: The Titans and Giants who worship Elgar build many great shrines to their god, usually at locations of extreme elemental force. To be a priest of elgar requires a great will to draw upon all elements, which is rare amongst his children. The priests of Elgar are a variation on the powers of the Druids, but instead focused entirely on elemental powers. Thus, occasional Druids of Naeja will turn their back on that deity and turn to worshipping Elgar, whose rituals are very similar.
After life: Worshipers of Elgar will return to the elements upon death. Their bodies will decay into their natural elements on the world and their sprits will join the elemental planes, until they are reborn. Elgar draws upon elemental spirits to grant life to the offspring of his Titanic and Gigantic children.

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