Elliam Lairdsley

Elliam Lairdsley

AKA: William Lordsley

One of The Chosen of Thamor.

Son of Thamor: As was prophecised in The Dark Tides Prophecy, Thamor bade Myrrha to gift a mortal woman with a child of his spirit who would be raised in the house of a noble knight. Elliam was born to Jenna Lairdsley, who was a servant in the home of Lord William Greyven. Lord Greyven was a Lord of the Holy Crown at the time, and eventually became High Lord of the Holy Crown in all of Sora. It was unknown to any at the time though that the young man born in his household was chosen by Thamor to be his Herald in the coming holy war. Even the young man didn't know his destiny, and never had the mettle to become a knight. This actually proved to be to his benefit, as the trials of his life better prepared him to be the leader of a great army. He was trusted by his soldiers and exemplified all aspects of good, not just those strictures of knighthood.

He eventually led the Ronan armies against Parthus at the end of the Parthan-Ronan War. He was chosen as the Herald of Thamor, and granted the Arms of the Righteous, that granted him near deva like powers which he used to battle Arch-Primus Kalos.

At the end of the battle Arch-Primus Kalos was defeated and cast into Infernus, and Elliam Lairdsley ascended into Sanctues Divinae.

1232 Born
1253 Great War
1256 Ig-Baruk assail Tharthin, King killed
1265 Made General of Ronan Army
1267 Made Sword Arm of the Church
1268 End of the Great War, dies

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