Elondolin's Circlet Of Insight

(Epic Wondrous Item)

Price (Item Level):
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level:
Activation: -
Weight: -

This thin head-circlet was forged from a single band of mithril, though a casual observer would not guess this. Its centerpiece is an ornate arrangement of three small arcane eyes. One eye is adorned with runes of war that are almost lost among the other decorative etchings; another has runes of protection; and the last has runes of defense.

Elondolin’s Circlet grants a +5 Insight bonus to its wearer’s attacks, saving throws, and Armor Class.

Lore: This circlet was created centuries ago by a now-forgotten Queleshan for the warrior-mage Elondolin—a celebrated Grey-Gelvani swordsman who served as agent and champion for the council of the High Magi. (Knowledge [history] DC 25)

Elondolin’s circlet enhanced his mental functions during combat, granting him preternatural coordination and accuracy in his movements, and allowing him to think several moves ahead of his opponents. It enabled him to amass a certain level of infamy among other Gelvani swordmasters of his age, who did not expect such a level of mastery from one of the Grey-Gelvani.

The reasons for Elondolin’s disappearance, more than four centuries ago, are unknown. His circlet somehow ended up in the hands of Zarakaal—presumably courtesy of Valaketh.

Cost to Create:

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