Eternal Realms

Aminus separated existence into three planes: the Eternal Realms, the Elemental Realms, and the Mortal Realm. The Eternal Realms are a place of spirit, where thought and imagination are the materials of creation. They border the Elemental Realms and by thought alone the divinities that rule here can draw upon those elements. Anything conceived comes into existence in this plane, but is unable to pass directly into the other planes of existence.

The realms are seperated from the Mortal Realm by The Veil. These realms were created by Aminus as the home of the immortal and eternal gods. They have the power to create anything here with their imagination. The Eternal Realms are also the place where some gods have set up an afterlife for their mortal followers.

The Mortal Realm in many ways imitates what was first created in the Eternal Realms, but they are vastly different in their reality. They are eternal in that they have an operandi of time, and are infinite in that they have no limit to how great they may grow. Their one greatest restriction is that they can in no way touch the mortal world. It is only through the Veil that the deities can communicate with mortals, sending them their power as needed. Some deities have pierced the Eye of Aminus, passing through the Eternal Gate to manifest in full glory upon the Mortal Realm. Doing so, though, has always proven to create tremendous shockwaves that can alter both fate and destiny alike.

There are 12 eternal realms:

Arvanis Eternal Forest of the Gelvani, first of the eternal realms and home to gods who created the natural world. At the heart of Arvanis is the Great Tree of Naeja, from which flows the Spring of Life and the River of Fate.
The Eternal Sea, bordering Aelvanis this sea stretches forth to all horizons and beyond.
The Eternal Skies, rising to infinity above the towering trees of Aelvanis the eternal skies are truly unending.
Visvaduum Eternal Mountain of Duervan Gods, rose out of the darkness that bordered the forests of Aelvanis, bordering the Eternal Sea on the other side; it is envisioned as the greatest mountain of many that form a great ring.
Eternal Paradise of the Thamorian Pantheon, four streams flow out of the mountains and form a paradise (garden) in the valley between. From the center of that garden rises a beautiful mountain, not as tall as Visvaduum but brilliant and white. Crowning this mountain are the palaces of the Thamorian Gods.
Eternal Underworld, though the entrances to this realm are found beneath the earth in the darkest caverns of the Mortal Realm, they lead into an eternal realm. Here, beneath the roots of are gargantuan caverns of various strange and powerful forces.
Eternal Realm of Glory for the Pathan Pantheon, beyond the forests of Arvanis are rolling fields, rocky hills, rough mountains and mighty rivers that flow into the bordering Eternal Sea. It is amidst these lands that those of the Parthan Pantheon find eternal glory for their acts upon the mortal world.
Eternal Realm of the Orcs, a great portion of Aelvanis was once taken by Oraknush, the orc god of death. He corrupted and twisted the forest and there gathered the dead of his race to form an eternal army that would constantly attempt to invade Aelvanis and overthrow Gelthena. So it was that a mighty wall was built between these two realms and an eternal guardian set before it by the Gelvani.

The Story of the Creation of the Eternal Realms:

In the beginning Naeja created a great sky above her. Then below her she created a great sea. In the sky she placed a sphere of fire that illuminated the eternal realms. She created a great mass of land, and at its heart she created the Tree of Life. At its roots erupted the Spring of Life, from which flowed the River of Fate.

Naeja then created Gelthena, Magmodin, Orwyn and Vald. Magmodin, seeing the treasure of the Tree created a ring of mountains to surround them, with only one pass and across from that he built a great mountain so high that it loomed over all others.

Gelthena also loved the Tree of Life and so she created a vast forest in imitation of it. She raised this up beyond the mountains out to the edges of the shores.

Orwyn saw the beauty of the sky and reached as high as he could in an attempt to touch it. He passed through and found himself in a silvery mist, the Veil. One one side he could see the lands of the Eternal Realms and on the other he saw a great void. He returned and told the others, but so enamored was he with the void, that he began making his own lands within the veil.

Many came and tried to pass the Veil, but could not.

Gelthena had many children. Sheliak and Reahnyn were sisters and they planted a great garden around the Tree of Life. Sheliak, though, was mesmerized by the fire light in the sky. She oft dreamed of holding it. She set about the eternal realms attempting to make her own. In some places she began terrible fires….

Then Aminus created the Celestial Gate, and allowed Elgar to send his own children through first. The gods held back in envy and waited. Finally, when the Titans had finished creating their idea of a perfect mortal world, Naeja was given permission to send her children.

The Eternal Realms contain the Outer Planes, the Inner Planes and the Astral Plane.

The Elemental Realms
The Mortal Realm
The Veil
The Celestial Gate

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