Fealadryn's Blade


Fealadryn’s Blade is an example of how the Gelvani can combine their passions for art and war. It is an eol'lanyr whose beauty is matched only by the incredible power within its blade. The entire sword has been forged from a single piece of mithril. The pommel has been carved into a wolf’s head; the cross-guard is a dual twist of mithril prongs joining seamlessly at their tips and with the fine leather-wrapped hilt. Both sides of the blade have been carved and etched with painstakingly detailed, lifelike scenes. One shows Fealadryn and his paramour, Amaryllis, falling in love; the other depicts the hero holding his slain beloved, while standing atop the corpses of his orcish foes and brandishing his sword high. When held by a Gelvani, Fealadryn’s Blade exudes a radiant silvery aura, with light shining through the leather on the hilt. During combat, a beautiful Que-Gelvani woman’s visage is magically revealed on the base of the cross-guard; her aquamarine eyes flash with passion, and her hair melds with the weaving mithril prongs.

Fealadryn’s Blade is one of the mightiest blades forged by the Gelvani. It is a +8 eol’lanyr (longsword) with the powers of an Orc Bane, a Speed weapon, and a True Defender (unique artifact property). Furthermore, any orc that sees Fealadryn’s Blade unsheathed must make a Will save vs. a DC of 21 or flee the scene until it gains its next level; if successful, the creature remains shaken for the duration of the battle (as per the Fear Spell).

True Defender: the weapon’s enchantment bonus applies to both the wielder’s melee attack bonus and his armor class.

Lore: This is an ancient Gelvani eol’lanyr—a remnant of the bygone ages of might, when High Magic shaped the continents and the Quel-Avalein were young. Crafted by the finest of smiths and enchanted by the greatest of Queleshan, it was made to be a receptacle of great power—and the instrument of revenge for the greatest hero of the Gelvani. Forged to slay all children of Gruumsh’s blood, it served Fealadryn during the Orc Wars—and then lay dormant for eight millennia after its wielder’s mysterious disappearance. It would not be wielded again until it was discovered by Kalthanan Korianthil… Those who possess Knowledge—Ancient Gelvani History can make a skill check to identify the sword’s saga.

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