The capital of the Drey-Gelvani realm of Shanothyr.

Feyldyr-Mar is the only dark elven community that can be truly called a city. It is an amazing place, and of such scale that it could house the entire Drey-Gelvani Blood-Line in time of war.

Drey-Gelvani prefer to use natural features to their best advantage during battle, and this is reflected in their capital. Dense woods encircle the majority of the capital; a great lake forms a natural barrier to the east; and treacherously steep ridgelines form the only avenue into the city proper.

Within its protective barriers, Feyldyr-Mar is much like a Grey-Gelvani city: massive towers reach to the skies, with great causeways connecting them and large courtyards at their base. Absent, though are the great wooded gardens that define most Gelvani cities. Instead, the hall-mark of the dark elf capital is a great system of caves lying beneath the towers, which have been extensively shaped and sculpted to serve as massive armories, barracks, and granaries should the need arise for their people to seek refuge. Drey-Gelvani favor metal work, and have many sculptures made of bronze or steel throughout their City. Some truly ancient pieces are made from copper, and their surfaces are a shiny green.

Oddly, very few Drey-Gelvani actually live in Feyldyr-Mar at any given time. Their warriors train here and make their homes in the city's great barracks and armories, but most of their race live in forest homes.

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