Fighters are found everywhere and in every society. It may sound cliché to say so, but Fighters are the main stay. They are, by most standards, the default class. If you don’t use magic, divine or arcane, and you don’t have some special connection to nature or hone skills specific to tasks such as thievery or martial arts, then you are probably a fighter.

Fighters are found in every race and culture, and in many different forms.

Fighters in the Gelvani Realms:

Fighters in the Duneimen Realms:
Gand -
Mercenaries have long played a central role in the realms of Gand and Casillian. Even when their realm of unified and under the dominion of Rona, Gand was defined by the mercantile ventures and interests of the nobles who ruled it. These merchant princes were not interested in a common army for national defense. They were rivals, after all, often competing against and fighting one another for key trade routes and profits. As such, it was far more natural for each nobleman and merchant to look to sell-swords for their needs.

In a realm where wealth equates to status, these companies quickly became a popular destination for many a young man who lacked the coin to earn a proper apprenticeship - or who simply had no use for the life of a commoner. The constant struggles of the Ganniard and Casillian nobles make for a short life-span, but the coin they offer ensures there's no shortage of recruits. These men are universally recognized by their flamboyant, bright-colored clothing - garish attempts at mimicking their masters.

Ganniard mercenaries are versatile infantrymen - they are among the best crossbowmen in Verosia, but they are trained and equipped to fight as front-line swordsmen as well. They are among the best siege troops money can hire, and their veteran officers are typically skilled sappers, engineers, and users of siege weaponry. Additionally, Ganniards are excellent marines and as such are practically ubiquitous on their realm's merchant vessels and very common on Ronan ships as well.

Ganniard mercenary companies are liberal entities. They expect a man to fulfill his contract, but there is no pressure for him to stay afterwards. Player-Characters from Gand who are Fighters and from Middle- or Lower-Class backgrounds are probably individuals who have just been released from such a company. Themes to consider:

  • Are women common in Ganniard mercenary companies?
  • Do your Feat selections reflect Ganniard considerations (versatile infantry)?
  • Does your equipment reflect Ganniard considerations (for instance, weapon and armor choices)?

Suggested Ganniard Fighter equipment at character creation: Breastplate armor, light shield, one-handed sword, crossbow, dagger.

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The Skarrellands
The Valdar Realm:

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