Folkin Gods

Myrrha and Moryn are considered the "grand-parents" of the Folkin Gods. Myrrha mothered the Female Folkin Gods (with Hanrael), and Morin fathered the Male Folkin Gods (with Anwyn). These first Gods came together and parented the first mortal Folkin.

Myrrha & Hanrael

  • ffff1 courageous
  • ffff2 wise
  • ffff3 intelligent

Moryn & Anwyn

  • mmm1 tall
  • mmm2 furry feet
  • mmm3 stout

ffff1 & mmm1

  • First of the "Tall Fellows" Tall and Courageous

ffff2 & mmm2

  • First of the "Bur Foots" Furry Footed and Wise

ffff3 & mmm3

  • First of the "Stouts" Stout and Intelligent

The Fey
The Folkin are very cognisent of the Fey and their Other Worlds, to whom they are related. While they are not a part of the Other Worlds, their kinship and simple living makes a comfortable environment for the Fey to live in. Thus, Fey on the Mortal Realm are often attracted to Folkin homes, fields and villages. Fey avoid human civilization, usually, because of how mundane and "urban" they often become. Because of this proximity with the Fey, the Folkin have had to learn how to live with them. They have many tricks and rituals to avoid angrying the faeries around them. They often times call them "spirits" or "gods", though in truth these are all just members of The "Fey Races".

Floor Sprites: If a floor board is squeaky it means a sprite is living beneath it. To appease the sprite you must offer it food from time to time, hoping to keep the sprite from tearing the floor apart. So, when a Folkin drops some food on the floor, he usually says "That's for the Floor Sprites".


After the fall of the Duervan Empire, and when the Gnomes did not rise to populate the world, Naeja still hoped for a race that would love her world. Since the Duervar had been great and were born from the earth, Naeja bade Moryn to create a man who would love the earth, be the perfect father, and would lead his family with wisdom. Moryn went to Anwyn, who loved fields and farm lands, and asked her to help him in this. Together they created the first Folkin man. He was a sturdy and handsome; however, he needed a wife.
Naeja then bade Myrrha to create a woman who would be the perfect wife for this man and the perfect mother of his children. She must be a woman that would lead her family with love. Myrrha at this time was in love with the adventurous God Hanrael, son of Sheliak and Fey-Kalyn. Mrryha asked him to father a child through her, and so was born the first Folkin woman. She was a beautiful and loving woman, and the moment the man saw her and she him they fell in love. Naeja gave them all the world as a gift and told them her will was for them to populate it with many children. Hence the Folkin came to be.

The Folkin were given many characteristics. They inherited an understanding of agriculture from Moryn so they would master the land. They inherited a sense of family and community from Myrrha, so they would live together and protect each other. Reahnyn made them passive so they would not wage war with each other, but through Myrrha’s love they were given great courage so they could defend their homelands. Naeja also gifted them with a sense of individuality to promote creativeness and diversity. She gave them curiosity in their youth so they would explore the world and populate it, but also gave them a sedentary nature in their latter lives so that once they found a home they would stay there. She made them naturally talented artisans and writers so they could record their histories and pass on their legacies. She even made them stalwart and stoic so they would live long lives and very rarely become ill. All of this she did, and thought it was good.

Naeja believed they would come to rule all of her world and live in harmony; however, this would not be. Instead they settled in the first places of vast farmable land they could find and built their homes there beneath the hills. They began a perfect civilization of peace and prosperity that only saw war when defending it from outside evils. Only in their youth did they wander the world, but always returned to their homeland to start their families. Hence, very few new civilizations arose. Naeja had forgotten to give them only one thing, ambition. For the Folk people have very little desire to become anything except fruitful members of their own communities. They almost never go to war, and only fight to defend their homes. When they die they are buried beneath the earth and their souls are returned to earth from which they are born, to nourish new life.

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